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  1. Superhero Setting: Power Corrupts

    Real-life superheroes are not a new concept to the people of Tertia, a world at once similar to and different from our own. Ancient legends and modern heroes made it clear that magic and psychic powers were very real, though extremely rare. The Powers That Be had left Tertia's dimension alone many years ago, promising only that their devotees would have moderate powers, and that they would only intervene in a reality-threatening crisis. The duty of ensuring justice was enforced would belong to the ...

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  2. Get in the Bag

    These are the rules of Get in the Bag:

    • Get a very large bag, which will henceforth be referred to as The Bag.
    • Put dead or dying people in The Bag.
    • Keep track of what you put in The Bag.
    • Everyone that goes in The Bag counts as one point.
    • If The Bag is full, pour the remains somewhere non-sacreligious and repeat.
    • You win when everyone is in The Bag.

    Everyone will one day get in The Bag, so helping the process along is fair game.
    Gods may ...

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  3. Jack Nimble's Rules for Rogues

    1. It's trapped.
    2. If it isn't trapped, you need to look harder.
    3. If you think about taking a shortcut, try and remember why the long way still exists.
    4. Not all that glitters is gold- it's probably connected to something trying to kill you.
    5. Always choose life over gold. You can't come back for your life.
    6. If it's old enough, some dope is willing to pay good money for it.
    7. You can sell sand in the desert if you have the right pitch.
    8. You find every trap but the last one.
    9. If you wonder if
  4. Gunslinger: Quick and Dirty Western rules.


    AKA: What am I doing with my life
    Basically the idea is a gritty cowboy game.
    Everybody gets 6d6 to roll.
    They list three things their character is good at (see Good Things), two other things they're not so good with (Bad Things), one thing they're trying to escape or get rid of (Ugly Things) and one defining feature (like Blondie's trademark poncho). You have 12 Grit. Spend it wisely.

    It's like stamina. Spend it on rolls, ...

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  5. Bastards and Bloodlines: Variant Inheritance Rules for 5E. Pt 2- In the Blood

    I was raised by humble Fraisian farmers, something I don't think I could ever change if I had the chance to relive my life. My twin sister and I were found on the porch of a barren couple who took us in and raised us as their own. As if a gift from the gods, they were blessed with a son of their own two years later, my younger brother, though they never had any other children. I never knew my own parentage. Part of me thinks that's for the best. But I can tell, and everyone else can as well- even ...

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