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  1. Rolling and point buy ability scores for Pathfinder

    Curiosity got the better of me so I've spent 10 minutes calculating distribution of point buy values for 4d6rb3 (roll four d6, reroll all 1s, take the best 3). A score of 6 was assigned a value of -6,
    5 a value of -9
    4 a value of -12
    and 3 a value of -16.

    Attachment 17752

    Mean: 29.83
    Standard deviation: 10.69
    Probability of generating a score value of 15 or higher: 93.35%
    Probability of generating a score value of ...
  2. Pathfinder spells for sneaky illusionist

    Control senses spells:

    White noise (1st, no save)
    Distortion field (2nd, buff)
    Silent table (2nd, no save)
    Predatory stealth (3rd, buff)

    Incapacitate spells:

    Malicious intent (1st, no save)
    Blindness/deafness (2nd, necro, fort)
    Mute (2nd, necro, fort) or lipstitch (2nd, necro, fort)
    Limp lash (2nd, no save)
    Pilfering hand (2nd)
    Mask limb (3rd, illusion, will)
    Crushing pressure (3rd, should be somatic components ...
  3. Playing a wizard, part 1

    Hello everybody,

    I'm Alen and I've been playing D&D for more than 10 years now. I love character optimization (within reasonable limits of not trying to break the game). This is my first ever blog written, so I hope it's not too bad.

    Chapter 1: Basics about my favorite class

    I'm going to write about my favorite class: wizard. Highly fragile and in constant need of protection at lower levels, a character progressing through wizard levels eventually grows ...

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