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Creating (recruitment for) your game

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    Creating (recruitment for) your game

    Now that you've seen how to apply to join a game, you might be thinking: "Ok, but how do I start recruitment for my own game?" Don't worry, you'll find out here. On the starting page at the top there's a "CAMPAIGNS" tab right next to the "FORUMS" tab
    starting 9.png

    Click on it, you should see something like this
    starting 10.png

    You see that "+ Create Campaign" button? Click on it
    starting 11.png

    • Campaign category: Select a category to help other players find your game, current options are
      • D&D 5th edition
      • Pathfinder
      • Pathfinder 2nd edition
      • Uncategorized
    • Campaign name: Write the name of your campaign
    • Description: Write a brief description of your game
    • Type: This determines who can join your campaign, being a member of your campaign is important for latter properties.
      • Public - anyone can join on their own without any input from you
      • Moderated - anyone can request to join, but you must approve each request
      • Invite only - no one can join except by accepting a direct invitation from you
    • Permission & privacy:
    • Who can view my campaign
      • Everyone - anyone on the internet, even people who are not registered forum users
      • Campaign members and registered users - slightly more restrictive than the option above, any registered forum user will be able to see it
      • Campaign members - only members of the campaign will be able to see it
    • Can post
      • Campaign members - only campaign members can post in your campaign
      • Campaign members and registered users - any forum member can post in your campaign
    Keep in mind that you can change any of these setting at any time after you create your campaign, so you might set them one way during recruitment, then change them when the recruitment is finished.
    For example, during recruitment, you might use these options

    starting 12.png

    so that no one will be able to become a member and only forum users can view and post during recruitment. If your campaign will feature adult themes, you might want to set up these settings like this once the recruitment is over
    starting 13.png

    so that only the players you chose and sent invitations to can see and post in your campaign after they accept the invitation.
    When you are happy with the settings, scroll down and click the "Next" button to the right.

    That will bring you to these options

    starting 14.png
    • Campaign topic options: just leave it as it's set by default unless you really want to look over everything before allowing it to be posted
    • Subscriber requests: your players might want to get notified whenever there's a new post in your campaign, checking this allows them to subscribe without any input from you. Keep in mind that currently only the campaign members may (ask to) subscribe to your campaign
    • Default post options: Self-explanatory options
    Again, when you're happy with the settings, click "Next" to the bottom right.


      starting 15.png
      If you have someone who wants to do this alongside you, you can add them here.
      When you're done, click "Next" again.


        starting 16.png
        If you know the players you want in your campaign without recruiting them, you can send them invitations here. Otherwise, you might return to this window later when the recruitment is over to invite your chosen players to join the campaign (if you've set the campaign type to "Invite only", for example).
        Once you're finished, click the "Publish" button.


          Once you do, you will see your campaign, it will look something like this
          Starting 17.png

          It's pretty bare bones right now, but you'll fill it out quickly. First, you probably want to start the recruitment and tell the players more details about the setting, which method they should use to create a character, which sources are allowed etc. Click on the "+ New Topic" button
          starting 18.png

          Topic name and the contents of the first post will be visible in the "Looking for players" sidebar, so keep that in mind when choosing what to write here. If you want the topic to appear in the "Looking for players" sidebar, you MUST add "open" and "recruitment" tags to the topic! To do so, click "Tags+"
          starting 19.png

          and select those tags from the tag cloud. You can select more or write your own, but those two must be added if you want the topic to be listed in the LFP sidebar. Don't forget to remove them when you're finished with recruitment, otherwise you can expect new players to pop in from time to time to ask about joining.
          Once you've selected the tags, click save, and once you're finished writing the info for recruitment, click on the "Post" button on the bottom right.


            If you've done everything correctly, you should see your topic listed in the LFP sidebar on the forum starting page
            starting 20.png


              One more important thing before we finish, when you go to your campaign, you will see this on the right side
              starting 21.png

              If you click on the "Edit campaign icon" button, you can choose an icon for your campaign (you can see some campaigns with icons in the first post here under the "CAMPAIGN" tab). If you click on the cog icon below it, you can edit your campaign settings that we went over in the posts above (you might want to edit some settings after you finish recruiting players).
              And that's it, you're now ready to join and start games on TTW. Happy gaming!