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    Hopeful greetings!


    I found this community in a roundabout way: First through listening to Dragon Talk and (of all things) folding laundry, wishing I could escape to the fantasy worlds of D&D that used to be so much a part of my life; from there stumbling onto the How (Not) To DM podcast; and, finally, chancing on an episode featuring the Tangled Web. I'm a new mom, so that episode resonated with me on a deep level. It only took the better part of a week for me to work up the resolve to make this post. Anyway, here I am.

    I've never done play-by-post before, but I'm a lifelong D&D player going all the way back to 2nd edition, and I even began to DM over the course of the pandemic. Then I moved two time zones away from my adventuring party, stranding them in the seedy underbelly of Sharn, and got to be the mom of a very small, babbling, future D&D player. (Alas, these things take time!) I'd like to play again.

    For now, I'm just saying hello. I'm hopeful from what I've read thus far that I'll find a welcoming community here—and a fun game or two. See you around!

    Welcome, welcome Loara! I'm raistlinmc here, but on that podcast you listened to, I'm just Mike. :) So cool to hear your heard the episode and wanted to swing by to join!

    Whether you want to look for game ads advertising new games popping up, hopping into an ongoing forum conversation or even starting up your own game and story for others to apply to, TTW should have everything you need to get rolling. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns going forward! Cheers and happy gaming!