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    Since the OP's been inactive since late 2014, I think it's safe to continue work on it if you like. If he didn't want anyone to touch it, he wouldn't have shared it here in the first place, so I say feel free.


      Excellent! I'll go over the info some more and then make a new thread for it, since I can't edit the OP's posts. I will give credit for they're work and I'm more than happy to turn it back over should they return.


        Alright I'll brain storm on here a little to generate interest and then I'll be making a new thread in Games and Gaming, since there's a little more traffic there and this is still WIP and not a completed project.

        Important to note that I build a lot of RPGs, but I am not nearly as close to the lore or meta of this series, although I've seen quite a few series of it. So bare with me on the specific names of weapons and things like that, someone else could come in and fluff it up for me later.

        I hear what the OP was saying about the parts systems, but to me I believe there is a different way that still reflects a video game like they were saying;

        -Each Individual gundam frame or base model will have a Total Parts Point, basically a max for how much and how advanced your parts your putting on the frame are. The base gear will take out of this pool also. I play a lot of Ace Combat and this immediately sprang to mind.

        For Instance:

        Run-o-the-Mill Zaku II Close combat build.
        -Zaku Body TPP 22/32
        -Arm Right: Axe 5
        -Arm Left: Shield 5
        - Shoulder Left: Spiked Armor 2
        - Shoulder Right: Spiked Armor 2
        - Legs: Zaku standard 1
        - Waist: Energy Carbine 5
        - Back: Energy Pack 2
        -Head: Zaku Mono-eye Camera 1

        wow that could have been organized better, ANYWAYS you get the picture. If we follow in a similar vain as this, it should give enough room for very customizable mechs that are easy to have fun with.

        A random roll of a d8 could determine after a battle is lost, just what part is damaged, just a forethought.

        Here's the design model I would use to work a Gundam game;

        -Pilots are relatively simple to build with a set amount of points that you gain from picking your class, a few points to move here or there.
        -Pilots also have Traits that affect their rolls during certain situations.
        -As mentioned by the OP, pilot's rolls should determine the winner of contests, such as fighting piloting, etc. Gundam will just be a higher scale of battle and damage.

        -Gundams are where the real fun and customization will be, you came to a Gundam game to pilot mechs. You get one. Fly it.
        -Gundams Stats Str, Spd, Maneuverability, Weight, Health, Systems/Energy/Stamina.
        -Are far as I know fuel was never really a big issue in the Gundam series so I'm going to move to not deal with all that.
        -As posted by the OP, different Classes of Gundam will determine how much Total Parts Points units will get and also set a guideline for the level of gameplay.
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          Pilot Stats:

          Keep things simple. Now I'm considering making all attack rolls opposed rolls. I.E. Instead of Attack vs. Armor Bonus or something like that, It's Pilot Skill + Gundam Str/Dex vs. Pilot Skill + Maneuverability. After that you get weapon damage vs. armor. Any damage surpassing the Armor is subtracted from health and/or Stamina, we'll get to that part.


            sorry to necropost but whats the CS for this? and can i use this in my own campaign? also forgot to mention im a BIG gundam fan!


              Don't know what you mean by CS but this is an open public forum. Anything posted here is free for anyone to use.
              Besides, rules and systems aren't copyrightable.


                Originally posted by Tiger View Post
                Don't know what you mean by CS but this is an open public forum. Anything posted here is free for anyone to use.
                Besides, rules and systems aren't copyrightable.
                cs means character sheet


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