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    Sillyleaf's Character Sketches

    So~ I didn't see a specific drawn art thread but this seems to be the thread for creative things. I'm only a hobby artist so there's tons of anatomy mistakes in my images. Most of the time I just doodle or sketch in pencil like the first few images. Color images are actually pretty rare for me. Whenever I make a new character or place an old character in a new setting I tend to make a sketch to help me understand them a bit better.

    First up (a request from my intro topic) is Atlez, the human bard who in the one palladium campaign she was in had her tongue cut out, was pock marked and then died wielding a petrified gnome. - (it's an old image, I haven't drawn her in so long O__O; )

    I really should post more to my deviant art... *sweats*

    Some other sketches
    - large-ish image files in spoiler:

    *** Please don't take or use my art without permission. T_____T
    Rather new. I might trip up. Hopefully I don't trip into anything breakable.

    looks very lovely


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