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    Just finished up a 55-hour run through of Fire Emblem Engage and I think it was easily one of the best entries yet in the series. The story wasn't anything to write home about, but the combat and level design was top-notch.

    Now it's time to check out Live A Live, even if I am a few decades late to the party.


      Anyone looking forward for BG3?


        Absolutely. I'm knee-deep in Octopath Traveler II right now but BG3 is on my looking-forward-to list for sure.


          I do like the Art of Octoppath traveler as my favorit FF (final fatnasy) of all time is FF6, never played it thought, is it worth the time?. At the moment i'm playing some 'Easy' Mechabellum. Its a easy quick VS game with new tactics all the time.

          Any thought you want to play in BG3 and why?


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            Well, the answer to your second question is easy: because I loved BG1 and 2!

            As to whether you should play the Octopath games, I'd say yes, absolutely, especially if your favorite FF is 6 (which is, of course, the correct answer ). No need to play both though, I'd say; the second one is better than the first and since they're similar, I'd start with number two.

          I know I'm damned late to the party, but I'm finally playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 and it is, undoubtedly, a triumph in gaming. It was Baldur's Gate 3 before BG3 was a twinkle in our collective gaming eyes. You can go anywhere. You can do anything. You can go solo or adventure with a party and it just all works. Not only that, the game runs smooth as butter, even on the little ol' Switch!

          If you love RPGs, and especially if you love turn-based gaming or the old pause-and-play style like the first two Baldur's Gate games, play this game if you haven't yet. There is literally no chance you won't love it.

          Cheers and happy gaming in the new year, TTWers!


            Not a TTRPG, but very much a strategy game and RPG in its own right, Unicorn Overlord could very much be my 2024 game of the year. I started playing it on Sunday and I am hopelessly hooked. It's like someone took everything I loved about the old Ogre Battle games from the SNES and N64, reworked it in a modern way, added voice acting, and tossed out most of the tedious stuff that I probably forgot about while reminiscing through rose-colored glasses.

            Seriously, if you like video game SRPGs at all, you've gotta play this sucker. It's that good.