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Substitute GMs to the rescue!

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    Substitute GMs to the rescue!

    Hello and happy Monday, TTWers!

    I just wanted to offer a friendly reminder that this little niche of our site exists, despite it not being used yet.

    This is a spot for players to reach out to the community to find replacement GMs. We all know life happens and sometimes, sadly, games get dropped without much warning. If a player drops, they're generally replaced and the game marches on, but when a GM drops, the game dies more often than not. So, hopefully, this area can help!

    Consider this a spot for players to express a need for a new GM and, hopefully, find what they're looking for in our own little Game Rescue thread right here.

    Cheers and happy gaming, all!

    I have experience running pathfinder 1&2e and d&d 3.5 if anyone needs a new GM


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      Yes, yes and yes! We always need a new GM around here, NightFlyer! Thanks for offering, truly.

      I think, honestly, what will work best for you is to run a game ad for one of those systems (all of which are quite popular around here, most especially PF1e I'd say). It doesn't need to be a fancy ad or even a fully fleshed out idea. Just a hook and some hope for something cool down the line will usually get the creative juices flowing for players, I've found. :)

      Welcome to TTW, NF, and happy gaming around here!