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Thread: Warglory, Marines - a WW2 fantasy

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    Default Warglory, Marines - a WW2 fantasy

    Why i'm posting this here


    Warglory is a game of soldiers, of fighting, of choosing either to follow the rules & survive or break them and earn a name, a reputation with life longer than yours.
    Marines is set in Warglory’s fantasy universe, told not from the eyes of man but from those of the things he once believed in. It borrows heavily from old Norse, Slavic & German myth. Dvergr – the black elgi – are a formidable race often pitted against the wilder powers of man, fae, troll and monsters far across the many worlds of Yggdrasil linked by the spirit conduits of the World Roots. In this game it is the setting’s second Great War, fought with gun and bomb and bayonet, with armoured column and infantry, with air support and artillery. Strange magics bloody the mudfoot’s fight as players seek glory in the most terrible war yet between man & monster of a universe thick with peril.

    This is an established game. I’ve been running it for over 3 years now; it has grown considerably from its bone-simple beginnings. There have never been hit points, nobody shrugs off bullet wounds and melee is as much about good writing as it is roll of the dice. Tactics revolve around fire and manoeuvre, with magic offering situational utility for those who pursue the sorcerous paths & ken the wielding of them.

    Rules are simple and low on bookwork, designed always for forum play. Every shot can kill, every melee roll could incapacitate one or both combatants. Combat can be brutal and unforgiving; GMs are best to interpret events in a player’s favour when no mistake is made, but fools live fast and die young.

    "Follow the rules to stay alive; to make a reputation, break them!" - The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell

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    Main article showing Rules of 13th July, 2010

    in-use version Here.

    Post any questions, thoughts & interest as suits you. Like i say in the spoiler at the start, my intention is that others give this game a go - i've spent a great deal of time writing this as the game rolls along, enjoyed it immensely at that, and would rather it spread than just stay with my players & myself.

    Use and magpie what you will with due credit back to myself. I'll be happy to help you make a game of it!
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    So this is a mix of wars (I think the image above is from one of the Normandy Landings is it not?) With a mix of magic thrown in borrowing from one of my favourite cultures in the field of mythology. I'd have to say that I'm in as soon as I can get a better look at the rules.

    If you end up running this (And enough people want to play) can we do a Special Forces or Commando campaign?
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    WW2 is a guide for the right era - technologically and culturally, with similar upheavels. Albiet in the world of norse, slavic & germanic myth. With a few others besides. Rules are linked in second post, i will underline them (easy to miss).

    The campaign is running, has been for months. The rules are battle-tested, the latest in a long series of such things; i've been doing these type games for 3 years now. One of them came here once, to Tangledweb. Now it resides at Mythweavers. It began in GiantITP. I would very much like to see people trying my rules for their own games; straight out of this campaign, or adapted to their own. And i'd be happy to help said GMs and players do it.

    You absolutely could run a game like that. I intend to take the current game to a more Marines Recon type outfit if the players can survive their present mission. No reason you can't start in a commando outfit! I have a long list of mission concepts (many won't be used here) that i can send if someone wants them. Can't just post those; my players might read all this y'see.
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