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    Warglory is a game of soldiers, of fighting, of choosing either to follow the rules & survive or break them and earn a name, a reputation with life longer than yours.
    Walkers is in a future. Maybe our future. Man spreads upon the stars and takes war with him, bloody and brutal and full of danger. Air denial is king, nothing flys the future's skys for fear of the guns below. Denied helicopter support, air strikes and with artillery struggling to deliver it's ordinance upon defended targets the powered suit found new purpose; strong enough to fight with jetpack fitted and carry deadly armament, the jump troops (called walkers) became the new light cavalry. Airmobile, able to duck under air denial when targetted and advance on it by foot, fly low & safe, hop streets and offer fleeting targets to the AD guns they've been an important weapon in all wars since the mid 21st century - into, through & beyond WW3.

    They hunt infantry. They fight the enemy's own walkers. They find and track heavy armour, picking at it when necesary and avoiding it when not. And they are the commando, the hit & run force of every army worth naming. In the future's system-spanning Human realms they are the first in for a planet-drop, the first on site for a <classified> engagement, and the natural predator of anything on two legs that can't fly away. This game - Walkers - is about those troops. This is their fight.

    Walkers don't dominate the battle. But they sure as heck get the most action!


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