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Thread: Introductions & Out of Game In-Character Chat

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    Hello everyone! I'm Severalis (Sev for short), and Im really excited for the chance to join this game. I'll be playing a Half Elf Warlock - Hexblade Patron - Pact of the Blade.

    Mal is a relatively charming and positive orphaned bastard half elf from Waterdeep. He learned that he is the last blood relative of a once noble elven house, and as such is set to inherit a powerful sentient blade. The weapon, however, has some doubts about him, and insists that he train and prove himself before it reveals itself to him.

    Between learning of his lineage and a recurring apocalyptic nightmare, he trained under a Harper agent and eventually joined their ranks himself. Currently, he is seeking his mentor who recently went missing. He is currently awaiting Vala at Ackyn Selebon's house to see if she has any leads.
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    I didn't throw anything in this thread initially, but since it seems it's where introductions should go, here's a bit about me:

    I'm Mike. I'm a married-with-kids high school English teacher. I've seen many of your around on TTW over the years, but I don't think I've played with any of you before now (though it's possible...I've been here for five years now, I think). In total, I've been playing DnDish games - in real life, in video games and in online PbP - for over twenty years now.

    Oh, and welcome Sev! Nice to not be the only newcomer

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    Ignatius Belar, Order of the Avatar Mystic. Part of the Lord's Alliance.

    Ignatius Belar seemed like a man who had little destiny to him, fated to simply be a forgettable face in a sea of new recruits for his home in Waterdeep. He didn't have a remarkable life up until the point of his recruitment into the City Guard, and he certainly wasn't a remarkable fighter either. He was a timid man to boot, only joining the guard in order to provide for himself. But during his first battle, he would be the first to nearly fall to the blade of some marauding orcs, and would sustain a concussion as he fell to the ground.

    That one moment seemed to trigger something within him, because when he got back up in the middle of the chaos, his demeanor completely changed. He stood with confidence, and started to rebuke enemy after enemy, while pointing out flaws in their fighting styles, correctly predicting how they would strike and where they were vulnerable. Those who listened to him found that they were able to rout the enemy, even after sustaining heavy losses to their troop. Ignatius would pick up a mask from one of the orcs, their leader, and claim it for his own, using it to tap into that same personality that overtook him in that first battle time and time again.

    Ignatius would quickly rise through the ranks of the City Guard thanks to his unorthodox abilities and keen mind for tactics that seemed to spring up so suddenly. He retained his meek demeanor outside of battle, however, and still worked to protect the city he loved dearly, even joining the Lord's Alliance to see if he could change the world around Waterdeep as well. Eventually, he would be sent off to complete a mission on their behalf, plunging him into something far greater...

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