If you are interested in playing, please read this in order to determine if the games here are going to be a good fit for you based on these expectations. In particular, item #10 (notification of departure) has been an issue in the past. Obviously, there is no way I can enforce that one, but please come to my games with the self-determination that you will abide by it and the other expectations.

  1. Do not use this game for therapy. This game is strictly for entertainment; it should not become a crutch. This has never been an issue in the past, but I wish to state firmly that addictive, dependent, or other corrosive behavior regarding this game or its conduct will never be tolerated.
  2. You must be mature enough, and I mean it in both the legal and mental sense, to handle content appropriate for this site, based on any posted forum rules, site rules, and user agreements. While this forum is not protected for "Mature Content," it is intended for adult participants in the sense of maturity of responsibility, conduct, bearing, and manners.
  3. In addition to respecting this site's content rules, I have some further limitations. For reasons of personal taste, I do not want to see people veer off into any form of toilet humor. Also, there is a limit to the level of graphic depictions of violence that I will accept. I admit that I'm not sure what it is, yet. Therefore, if you exceed it, I won't reprimand you, but I will let you know and will expect you to change accordingly.
  4. Try not to bring your personal baggage into the game. If you are having a rotten few days and are therefore out of sorts, I'm sure we can work around that. If your rotten few days drag on into weeks, then you should take a leave of absence from the game and discuss with me whether this will be a temporary, indefinite, or permanent withdrawal.
  5. Online, the boundary of what constitutes "Too Much Information" is closer than in a face-to-face game. We should be friendly and civil to each other, but if you are a new player, we are starting this game as associates who are technically strangers, not friends. Some of us may become friends in the future, but the bottom line is that, while we're all trying to entertain each other and make a good time for all, I'm running this game from the assumption that we do not want to hear about any player's private issues. I don't mind hearing (without going into too much detail) about how you need to skip a post because you're busy with overtime or a school project, and I understand that it is sometimes necessary to report other events, such as health and medical issues, especially in a crisis situation. What object to is listening to in-depth reports about other people's family issues, health issues, relationship issues, or financial issues, especially when they are beyond my control and beyond the scope of play. I wish to especially avoid any discussion of legal issues, vices, or anything that will bring disrepute or unwanted third-party scrutiny to the game.
  6. An important corollary to the above is that this sub-forum is not a venue to harass or pester other participants for out-of-game aid and/or information. Such issues may be discussed (within the limits of the site rules) in the General Discussion thread, but nobody should feel compelled to provide offline resources or personal information to other participants beyond a strictly altruistic and voluntary basis.
  7. Players need to be prepared to cooperate with each other. Make an effort to get along with the other players, and do what you can to make it easier for them to get along with you. I'm not asking you to succeed, but I am expecting you to always be trying.
  8. Players should have and use a working grasp of spelling and grammar. I am not asking for perfection but I am expecting an effort in this direction based on your capabilities. Certain misspellings and other errors are pet peeves of mine, which is to say that I respond negatively to arguments about them or attempts to justify their use. Also, I don't mind if you point out my own errors, but I will not accept using that as the basis to justify other errors. Anyway, I'll try to be as reasonable as I can in light of being admittedly thin-skinned about this set of issues.
  9. Don't whine or complain. I respect that you might have a legitimate issue with some aspect of the game. I also understand that legitimate concerns include issues that are more emotional than objective. If you do have an issue, let's discuss it calmly. You must be prepared to accept my judgment on the matter. I will try to explain my decisions, but I can foresee situations where I will reasonably choose not to do so. Your ultimate right is the ability to withdraw from the game.
  10. I wish to be notified by the player if he or she departs from the game. I do not want to have to decide that a player has left the game based on a lack of contact.
  11. For play-by-post games, we all need to make an effort to post within the specified time frame. This time frame is subject to discussion. Currently it is two separate posting periods a week from everyone.
  12. For chat games, if you cannot make it to a session that you are scheduled to attend, or if you have reason to expect that you will be late or must leave early, please notify me as soon as possible. I understand that unexpected issues come up, but otherwise I should like to know at least 72 hours ahead of time.
  13. Similarly, due to the historical high attrition rate for chat games, even if you have avowed that you will attend a session far in advance, please confirm again about two weeks before the scheduled session.
  14. Do not pressure other players into making specific choices for their characters or punish them for making such choices. I want players to be free to make the characters they wish as long as they follow the campaign-appropriate guidelines for doing so. You may of course make suggestions. Also, "the party needs a leader," or "there are too many strikers," is acceptable as an opinion expressed once in a while, but I would not want it to become a constant refrain, either to me, or especially to other players.