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Thread: Sleepless OOC

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    Sorry guys, I thought I would have better connection over the break but the internet is a little sketchy where I am. (long story). So expect an update Monday When I've got better internet.

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    Small note: I had been running occasional environment heat checks DC vs 15 when you travel through the heat with +4 due to the clothing you all purchased for the trip or take nonlethal damage that doesn't go away until you get out of the heat. Apparently the rules say that you're supposed to make 1 check per hour to 1 check per 10 minutes. I mostly bring this up because I actually looked up the rules because some of you took some damage and realized my mistake. For the time being I'm keeping it to 1 a day except when there is more going on because otherwise it just bogs down the game due to the length of the journey, and anything worse could be dealt with nightly by Thrik's healing magic... and I don't think this group is primarily in here for the realism.

    Post up shortly.

    Note I have several tests over the next few weeks and although I think I'll be fine to keep posting it is possible that there will be otherwise unexplained gaps.

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    Are people unsure of who should proceed first, or are we hesitant of going into the ruins, or is there some confusion in the scenario as laid out?

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    Sorry, I wasn't sure if I should post anything until Owen knew about the little entrance.

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    That.... is a good point, it was Aleisandra and Grayson who made the check to see it...

    (although that was more of a spot check, Owen could always search himself if the others aren't forthcoming for whatever reason)

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    I kinda thought we'd already gone in; or were in the process of doing so. If only as a pit stop to stave off severe heat exhaustion on the boys.
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    I apologize if it were unclear, you weren't in yet but you and Grayson saw a way in that you could point out to others.

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    There. Entrance pointed out.
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    Odds are fairly good that I'll be unable to post most of the break. I will try to respond to any individual actions in this opening to the ruins when I see them but we probably won't progress much more past here until about the 5th of January.

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    That makes sense. I'll be a little busier during this holiday season too.


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