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Thread: Sleepless OOC

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    Thanks, and sorry for no reply on Friday, I got pulled away from the computer for the weekend and I forgot to mention I wouldn't be able to post.

    I appreciate your patience!

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    I'm going to try and update tomorrow, and I'll try and stand in for anyone who has been unable to post.

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    Sorry, I only meant to roll Spellcraft once. The second one was supposed to be a Knowledge: Arcana check to see if Owen knew what these things were.

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    I am sorry I didn't mention anything, I lost myself over the weekend in stuff. Long story short I have 4 exams this week with the last Friday afternoon.

    However, I'll finish one today and plan to post later tonight.

    Sorry this didn't come Sunday so you'd know sooner

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    Aleisandra is fully updated.
    Active Character(s):
    Aleisandra - level 6 Dark Elan Soulknife - The Altar of the Sleepless - GM - Zeros

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    Sorry, I've been working long hours this week. I'll get Owen levelled up tomorrow.

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    totally forgot to level grey up? I will try to have it done tomorrow

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    I think I might have somehow already levelled up Owen to level 6 last time we levelled up, when I was supposed to make him level 5. I have no idea how and I only just now noticed when I went to update his sheet. I'm really sorry and I hope that didn't mess anything up too badly.

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    Interesting, however in reviewing your character I didn't notice any feats. Am I just missing them?

    I'll try and pay better attention and catch it in the future

    Hopefully a post before the end of the day.

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