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Thread: Sleepless OOC

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    I apologize. So Aleisandra is your choice of 20-40 feet from the base of what is effectively a cliff. To get to the top you need to use your move action to jump up to the top (with the between your natural reach, Akzuklir's helping hand, and the jump spell you can't actually fail it). At this point you would be at the top of the cliff and would still have a standard action to use.

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    Okay then. I'll go have her hop on up there and get to shooting.
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    Hopefully I'll be able to post tomorrow.

    Also, just FYI, I just entered a difficult subject (neuroscience) and so there is a possibility for my posting to be sporadic at times. I am going to try to maintain updating as frequently as possible, but if I don't post as quickly as I've been trying to recently, I hope you can forgive me. The course lasts about 8 weeks.

    This is not a hiatus, merely a note that there may be unforeseen delays. There should still be more than 1 update a week on average (and I will try to update as frequently as I can when possible)

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    Good luck with the neuroscience. I know you'll do well; you definitely have the brains for it. (Ba dum tsssh)

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    I read it through quickly the first time and think, "Aw... RWA thinks you're smart..." THEN I see the pun ;p

    Post is up.

    Everyone should be in range to attack with the exception of Thrik/Akzuklir but one is magic and one can throw things.

    Also, FYI, we haven't lost Tagger, but he let me know that his computer screen broke and until he gets a new one he'll be a little short on posting.

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    Note: Owen's Detect Magic is still technically valid since he hasn't taken any damage nor cast any spells that would preclude his 'concentration' based spell. So feel free to ask for presence of magic and specific schools with the appropriate checks.

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    I think we should rest before we move out. Also Owen would like the Circlet of Charisma if nobody else does.

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    ohh... I kinda want that too though..... but I guess that I should surrender it for a chance at some other loot

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    I'm going to drop a hint here that if there are particular items you'd like that you should feel free to drop wish-lists. I make no promises of fulfilling these lists, but they give me an idea of what people are looking for.

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    Aleisandra primarily needs utility items and ways to further upgrade her armor/shield. Stat-boosting items (primarily for dex/wis) are ideal for both AC and damage. Especially if I can get a way to add Dex to damage as well. Sadly, most of the ways for d&d are limited by race or specific sets of weapons, if they even work for ranged attacks in the first place.
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