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Thread: The World of Mithumar

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    Default The World of Mithumar

    This is where you'll learn about this world. It'll tell you about the major things that many people should know about. This includes the list of stronger nations (there are other nations, but they are smaller and as yet unnamed) Forgive the map, until I find a map maker that can do what I want it to do I'm stuck on Paint. More info to come.

    East Continent (right side of map)
    1: Cleriok
    2: Emutionem
    3: Remanat
    4: Kamipulk
    5: Lorros
    6: Taregium (elves)

    West Continent (Left Side of map)
    1: Wustyn
    2: Asnero
    3: Emporos
    4: Aoilsdawn
    5: Edgewatcher’s Dwarfhold
    6: Swamp cult
    7: Colond (Daypath)
    8: Varvoyna
    9: Rhaw Elves

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