Maybe a group of you found each other in the Players Looking for Games subforum. Maybe you were in an active game and your GM disappeared. Or maybe you are a GM who is seeking a co-GM to help you run your game more effectively. No matter what the situation, if you are a group of players who is ready to go and just needs a GM, please complete the form below and someone might volunteer to GM for you. Remember, there is still no guarantee. Please do not submit a post if you are by yourself. Follow the format below. Those who just post a freeform paragraph are less likely to get a response, as potential GMs may see this as an inability to follow even the most basic instructions.

  • Campaign Name: This is for games that have started but the GM disappeared. If the game has not started yet, put "[Open]" instead.
  • Description: Provide some basic info about the game.
  • Current Spokesman: This is for games that have lost their GM, or groups that have put together a game that has not begun yet. This is the person who speaks for the group and the only one from the group who should post the GM request. They are the elected leader of the group until they hand control over to the new GM. Other members of the group should not post additional GM requests for the same game, though it is okay to post in the same thread created by the Spokesman.
  • Former GM: This is only for games that were already going and then lost their GM. Give the Username of the former GM and include some information as to why the GM is gone now.
  • Type of Game: Specify if this game is meant for Maptools, PbP, Skype, etc., and whether or not this can be changed.
  • System: Specify the rules system that this game uses or will use, and whether or not they can be changed.
  • Players: List every member of the group here by Username, including yourself as Spokesman, so that the GM knows the size of the group they might be working with.
  • Mature Content: Make sure the prospective GM knows the maturity level of the game they're stepping into, specifically when it comes to the game's levels of language, gore, drug use, and adult situations, and also specify as to whether or not it's okay if these settings are changed.
  • Recruitment: If this game (still) has a recruitment thread, link to it here. The new GM can decide if recruitment will continue or not. If no recruitment thread was ever created, or it has been long enough for the original to have been removed from the Recruiting Office, then just put "[None]" here instead.
  • Forum: If a forum exists, link to it here so that the GM can read up on what has happened so far. If the forum is password-protected, the Spokesman should request that any interested GMs PM them for the password.

What about when our game's GM disappears and one of us players is willing to step into the role? We don't need to use this forum then, right? Because we have no need to recruit.

Correct. Here's what you do in cases like that:

In the simple case where the current GM is still around and wants to hand control of the game off, the current GM just contacts someone on Staff and control of the game is shifted to the new player. Easy. The current GM should do it, not a player. If all the current GM does is submit a post in the game forum for the players, and then the GM forgets to contact someone on Staff to arrange for a new GM for the game, then the players are urged to remind the forgetful GM that their job isn't done yet.

When the GM has disappeared without any notice and shows no signs of coming back, or when the GM simply will not respond to contact attempts, for whatever reason, then the following steps must be carried out by the players:

Step 1: The player who wants to be the new GM creates a thread in the game forum, stating the intent to take over and inviting the players to "sign" by posting that they agree.

Step 2: After getting affirmation from every player and then waiting a couple of days, the GM-to-be contacts someone on Staff and directs them to the thread.

Step 3a: If the thread contains only affirmative responses from the other Users using that subforum, and at least a few days have passed since that thread was started, then the Staff Member will effect the change.

Step 3b: If the thread contains any dissolution, dissent, or too few replies, then that means that there is insufficient proof for a legitimate changeover. No privileges will be changed, but the subforum will not be closed, and it will not be deleted until it has been inactive for around 90 days, as per normal inactive game rules, so there will still be time to keep trying to solve the lack-of-a-GM issue.