This is the current acceptable way for GMs to request a game forum here at The Tangled Web.

Please complete the form below and paste it in a new thread in this forum. Your request will be considered and then you may also be contacted by Private Message. This request should be completed by the GM who, if the forum is created, will be given Moderator rights for that forum only. Only GMs should request game forums, not the game players.

Before you request a game forum, be sure that you are ready to begin your game and not still in the prep stages. Simply having a list of interested players who haven't joined for sure or made characters is not enough, and we prefer to create subforums for games that will start as soon as they are created, so please ask for a forum only after you have recruited players and you are ready to use one. There have been many instances of people asking for forums and then disappearing.

If you are a player, please refrain from voicing your interest in any games that are mentioned in this forum. That is for the Recruiting Office. The games that appear here already have their players. This is also not a place for handling games that have lost their GM. You can go here for more information on that.

Forum requests will be cleaned up periodically. Here is the form you need to fill out:

  • Campaign name:
  • Description:
  • GM's name:
  • Type of game:
  • System:
  • Recruiting Office link:
  • Players:
  • Mature content:
  • Still recruiting (Y/N):

Campaign name: This is the name of your campaign as it will appear on the forum list. This will also become the name of your main game forum. You will put all of your game threads in here once it's created.

Description: Here you should place the description of the game. It will be seen under the forum name in the game forum list and within the forum itself. Keep it to a reasonable length - three to five sentences, no huge stories. This isn't a little prologue to your game, it's just a brief description of what is or will be happening in it. Also, always remember to check your spelling and punctuation, too, because we won't change anything. We don't want to assume, so we'll use exactly what you type.

GM's name: This is the name of the GM running the game, and the one who will receive moderation rights to the forum requested. Multiple GMs are allowed, and they should all be posted here. One of the GMs must be the User making the forum request, though. Players are not allowed to request a game forum on behalf of others.
NOTE: It is the campaign GM's responsibility to ensure that the forum rules are followed within the game forum. However, please report any violations to the Admins or Mods, too, through the Report Post button. The GM should also know the ages of all players in their game.

Type of game: This will indicate which game medium will your forum go under (Maptool, Roll20, PbP, etc). Please place the main medium here. Platforms without appropriate forums (e.g. IRC, Gametable, etc.) will be handled case-by-case.

System: This is, as the name says, the system the game will be using (D&D 3.5, D&d 5e, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, FATE, etc). This entry is most important if your type of game is PbP, as it will then determine which of the site's two PbP campaign boards the forum will go under. Still, include this even if your game is not PbP.

Recruiting Office link: Use this space to link to your recruitment thread in the Recruiting Office. Staff Members should not have to go look for your recruitment thread. If you didn't use The Tangled Web's Recruiting Office to recruit your game group, note that in this section and also make sure to at least use the next section to list your players' TTW Usernames.

Players: This is a list of the players in your game right now. This is not the maximum number, current number, or potential but unconfirmed number, but actual TTW Usernames that you already know for sure are going to attend the game. We prefer it to be over 3 Users, but special cases will be accepted. Remember, this is a list, not a number. Anyone can just put a number, which is why we ask that you list the Usernames instead. When you were choosing your players, did you bother to find out how many games each one of them were already in? It might affect your decision, after all, when you learn that one person is already in 5 games and another has been waiting months without any games at all. Did you find out your players' ages? Make sure that the adult-level game you're about to start doesn't have a pre-teen player in the group. If your list is still being finalized, then it's obviously not time to request a game forum. If your list is ready but you are hesitant to list your players' names because you fear it might disappoint some applicants or create some drama, request to be PM'd by a Staff Member here instead so you can list your players privately.

Mature content: This is an indicator of whether or not the game itself may contain explicit material not suitable for minors. If it does, the forum will be automatically placed under a password, and the GM will be given the password to distribute to his players and those he wishes to. Generally we do not encourage R-rated content, but if the GM is sure that there will be such content in the game, they should not hesitate to mark this, and they should know whether or not their group is composed of Users who are all old enough to be viewing such content. Most of the time, games that have the mature content password do not need it, however. So, again, think twice before choosing if the game will have mature content. A mature content password may be requested at any time, if the GM views it necessary. Also, keep in mind that "mature content" does not include violations of all TTW rules that are already in place. Nothing illegal may happen in a passworded forum. If you decide to have "mature content" in your game, it is your responsibility as GM to verify that your players are old enough to view/read such material. Failure to do so can be considered a violation of TTW rules.

Still recruiting: This is mostly for archival purposes and is a simple Yes or No. It's generally favorable to have a game ready to go, and usually it isn't recruiting at the time. However, this does not affect the speed or processing of the request in any way.

Passwords: Mature content games will always get a password, but if you wish to have your forum passworded for another reason, you may request it in the Mature content space. If you do not care what your game's password is, your request is complete. You will receive a Private Message containing a random word that will serve as your game's password. However, you may note that you wish to be contacted by a Staff Member if you want to choose your own password. Moderators are automatically able to skip the password screen to their own forums, and the GM is automatically made the Moderator of their forum. Here's an example of a good forum request:

  • Campaign name: Example Game
  • Description: The example story of a few example heroes who take on an example challenge to ultimately free the example kingdom from the example evil.
  • GM's name: Drew
  • Type of game: PbP
  • System: D&D 3.5
  • Recruiting Office link: [link would go here]
  • Players: TTWUser1, TTWUser2, TTWUser3, TTWUser4
  • Mature content: No. Safe for anyone to view. Does not need a password either. I don't care who reads it.
  • Still recruiting (Y/N): No

THIS will be the end result of the request above.

Also, a note on requesting additional subforums for your game - a game forum acts as the main forum for all of the game's threads. Yes, additional subforums may be requested, but it must be with very good reason. Here are some examples that are not good reasons:

  • I need a secluded, password protected place to do GM rolls. (Just do them in the main forum and don't label them, or use the Die Roller Testing Thread)
  • I need a place to post side quest missions where the characters can do their 'grinding' even as the main story continues on. (A thread for this is more than enough. After all, you can create as many threads as you want in your forum.)
  • I need separate subforums because I'm running the same game for more than one group. No passwords needed. (Then no separate subforums needed. If you're not trying to stop the groups from viewing each other's threads, then why do they need their own subforums?)
  • I need a forum for keeping all of the world info and lore and such. (Nope. Again, your main forum is fine for this.)
  • I need a storage space for all the old threads that are finished. (Sorry. Just Close all old threads and Sticky the new ones if you need to. If we catered to one User's aesthetic requests, we'd have to do it for everybody.)

Your reason should be more something like this:

  • I need two separate, password-protected places for two different parties of players who are playing the exact same game and it's actually important that they be unable to view each other's campaign activity.

You should always start by asking yourself if the subforum is really necessary for you to run the game. If the answer is no, then think twice about asking for it. We can't give subforums out to every GM who wants them just to keep things organized and looking pretty. Sorry.

Once you get your forum request granted, and you're done with the recruitment thread, close it, please.

Thank you all, and happy gaming.