If you come across clues and plot information that seems important to you, I recommend that you copy the information here or post links to the relevant post for easy reference. I will also copy any handouts in here as well. Just to start it out, I have copied some of what you learned in the boneyard, and a few of the comments you have attached to the findings. But don't count on me keeping this thread up-to-date (you need to decide what is important and what may be a red herring).

Sandpoint boneyard:
Sheriff Hemlock: "We've been working on interrogating the few goblin captives we took yesterday all night - not surprisingly, we didn't get much out of them and most of what we did get was nonsense and contradictory. But it does seem that they were ordered to raid the town by some 'longshank' - that's what they call tall folk like us. They didn't know why - and frankly, they didn't care as long as there was pillaging and looting in sight. But one the goblins was part of a group specifically ordered to raid the boneyards. "

Father Zantus: "Oh dear - I would appear that the earthly remains of Ezakien Tobyn is missing! He was my predecessor, who died in the dreadful fire four years ago!"

"The fire started in the old chapel one night and before anybody knew what happened it had spread too far to save the church. What was worse, our beloved priest Ezakien Tobyn and his sweet daughter Nualia also perished. Before we were able to put it out, the fire had claimed the chapel, the white deer inn, the North Coast stables and a number of other houses".

Ragnar: "six Goblins working for a Human, I think that the goblins rampage of the graveyard was just a decoy for what has happened here. I think that we should follow the tracks of the human, and see where they lead, what do you guys think?"

Cyrill: 'If it is information the necromancer wanted out of Tobyn, this is a very convoluted way to access it, but by this also a very safe way. It takes one familiar with their stratagems to see their hand in this. By killing them years earlier he more or less clears his trace by the time he came for what he truly wanted.'