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Thread: Chapter 1: Burnt offerings

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    "Oh, no ya don't," Joyya growls when the goblin attempts to run.

    (OOC: If the goblin is still alive, Joyya will Attack it again. If it is dead, he will move to strike the nearest goblin he can reach.)

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    Less rusty now, ain't'cha, the dwarf silently mutters to his swinging arm.
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    Default Round 9

    A freezing ray of ice-blue light shoots forth from Endarulfs outstretched finger, but the aim is a bit off and it only serves to decorate the dust behind the goblin with a nice coating of frost (which melts fast in the warm afternoon sun).

    While Joyya arrived a bit late to the party and his first swing was a bit rusty, once he warms up he proves himself quite effective. As the red goblin tries to flee past him, he brings his flail down fast and hard crushing its spine - it immediately collapses, dead before it hits the ground. Without sparing the smelly heap of flesh a second look, he immediately turns around and gives the yellow goblin the same treatment. Two goblins slain in a few seconds - that's how dwarves greet goblins!

    The warchanter behind the flesh wall is now the only goblin left in the immediate vicinity (although you can still here more roaming about in other parts of the town). You do not sense any movement from her.

    ((Feel free to post and act out of initiative order - if anything else happens, I will let you know))

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    The dwarf rumbles forward, stumping towards the in the most charge-y way he can muster on a metal leg.

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    ...And that's why one legged dwarves don't run often.
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    Paulo sees the yellow goblin crumple before him as the stout one-legged dwarf comes up from behind and smashes him on the head with his flail. Paulo nods at the dwarf as if to say 'Thanks', and quickly scans the town square for any signs of other goblins or threats.

    As his gaze comes to rest on where the last remaining goblin should be, his eyes go wide as he sees what appears to be a wall of putrid flesh and bones. While it makes his stomach turn, he pauses to think it odd that he can’t smell the mass, not being far away and downwind. He’s already seen enough magic afoot today to not be too concerned about this, although he can hear what sounds like whimpering coming from the direction of the mass.

    He calls out to the others whom he can see nearby…the bard…the wizard…the one-legged dwarf…”How does everyone fare?? I suspect we’re not done with these creatures…I can hear more away from the square.”

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    "Shut yer yap, Paulo! Take down this Damned warchanter, will ya?" the dwarf cries, partly in frustration from his own sad attempt seconds prior.

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    ((I'm hoping Cyrill will drop his illusion so that we can do something. These actions are in that case. If not, the She-Wolf just approaches the illusion warily.))
    The She-Wolf advances to the warchanter and tries to end its singing days once and forever.
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    (OOC: I'm with Tiger, hopefully Cyrill will aid us in our goblicide by taking the big scary wall of nope out of our way. In case he does

    Endarulf moves to get the warchanter in his sights and within reach for a shocking surprise.

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    Paulo looks with feigned hurt at the grumpy dwarf..."Shall I slice through this meat to get to your war chanter??"

    Nonetheless, he approaches the meat wall with the intention to attack the war chanter, having worked out it's an illusion and hoping the bard removes the foul vision before he's close enough to have 'touched' it.

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    At the death of the last goblin Cyrill stops focussing on the illusion of the wall of meat, charging the goblin bard with his staff as soon as the for him translucent wall disappears.
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