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Thread: Chapter 1: Burnt offerings

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    Endarulf turns away from the now dispersing crowd. He heads towards the festivities and the amount of things to do excites Endarulf. He was born from a family of scholar and very devout sorcerers so participating in festivals was a rare pleasure for him. Endarulf spots a fortune teller booth and heads directly to this mystic "Madame Mvashti". Given his family's cosmological and magical heritage, divination are his natural enjoyments in life.

    He walks towards the fortune teller and gives her a slight noble bow with a smile as he rose. "Greetings madame, Can you trouble me a moment of your time? Of course, I am willing to spare a coin to hear your gifts."

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    Default Festival activities

    As Father Zantus finishes his speech, the crowd starts to disperse a little to have a look at what the Festival has to offer. Most of the activities are packed into the side streets leading into the square to leave the square itself open to entertainers (jugglers, musicians, dancers, firebreathers and and a puppet theater) and their spectators.

    Participating in any of the activities is fairly cheap - 5 cp per attempt, but then all you can win is a trinket worth between 5 cp and 5 sp (your choice of a romantic item or a toy) - useless to you, but children and women love them (of course, you also win the bragging right, which is not to be scoffed at!). However, you can also raise the stakes by paying 1 gp for the chance of winning a more valuable prize.

    Gorvi's Goblin Fishing Extravaganza
    Gorvi is a large, fat, heavily tatooed half-orc, who smells faintly of garbage. He has erected a large wooden fish pond and filled it with large, crudely painted wooden cut-outs with hooks attached to them. Most of the cut-outs depict nasty-looking goblins whereas a few illustrate enticing (and rather adult-rated) mermaids. When entering the contest, you get 10 seconds to look at the fish pond to try marking the positions of the mermaids. Then you are blindfolded (with a smelly rag) and you get three attempts to catch mermaids. Your prize depends on the number of mermaids caught; The low-stake attempt yields trinkets worth 5 cp, 1 sp and 5 sp for 1, 2 or 3 mermaids respectively. The high stake game gives a random item worth 1 gp or 5 gp for 1 or 2 mermaids respectively (can be sold for that amount at the Festival market). The main prize won by fishing 3 mermaids is a random bundle of alchemical goodies worth around 50 gp.

    Harker’s Trick shot
    Banny Harker, the foreman of Sandpoint Lumber Mill, has created a magnificent contraption for the occasion. It mostly resembles a large wooden mobile hanging from a tree by the northern cliffs of Sandpoint. Four small wooden disks hang from the mobile’s ‘branches with a bull’s eye painted on them. Banny explains that the contender gets 30 seconds to shoot four arrows to hit each of the wooden discs – but there is a catch: Each hit sets the mobile in more and more complex motion and makes every succeeding disc harder to hit. Hitting 2, 3 or 4 discs yields trinkets worth, respectively, 5 cp, 1 sp and 5 sp in the low-stake version, and in the high-stake game, 1 gp, 5 gp and 10 masterwork arrows or bolts respectively.

    The Gauntlet
    The proud constructors of this year’s rather impressive obstacle range are Savah Bevaniky - proprietor of Savah's Armory, Das Korvut – the cranky blacksmith at Red Dog Smithy and Vorvashali Voon – the owner of The Feathered Serpent shop. There are four obstacles that need to be traversed. First you need to climb a wall with hand and foot holds but no rope, then you need to bull rush a giant sandbag far enough to get past. For the third obstacle you need to tight-rope walk across a narrow beam while avoiding swinging pendula trying to knock you down. The fourth and last obstacle is called the Test of Will. It appears rather silly: you face a locked door with a small peephole. Looking through the hole you can see a lit lantern. At some point the lantern will be covered for short period of time (1 round) and during this time the door will be unlocked. The only think you have to do is open the door and go through.

    In a low-stake contest, clearing 2, 3 or all obstacles yields trinkets worth respectively 5 cp, 1 sp and 5 sp. In the high-stake game, the prizes are respectively 1 gp, 5 gp and a potion of cure light wounds as the main prize. Note that The gauntlet has to be run in that order – if you fail the first obstacle, you automatically all the others as well.

    Haladans Rhythm and Rhyme
    Chask Haladan, owner of the bookshop, The Curious Goblin, fancies himself quite the riddle master. He now sits in a small tent in a corner of the Town Square and challenges whoever comes near to a riddle contest. It is quite simple – answer three riddles and receive a prize depending on how many you get right. In the low-stake game, 1, 2 and 3 correct answers yield respectively 5 cp, 1 sp and 5 sp trinkets. In the high-stake game, the prizes are 1 gp, 5 gp and a potion of sanctuary respectively.

    Madame Mvashti’s Fame and Fortune
    Right next to Chask Haladan’s tent is another tent painted in dark purple. Within its dark interior sits the ancient and mysterious Niska Mvashti peering into her crystal ball. Unlike the other activities, Madame Mvashti does not offer a contest, and there is no prize other than knowing glimpses of your future…if you dare! Most of the townsfolk (especially a steady stream of hopeful young suitors) pay the usual 5 cp fee for the standard palm or card reading that may be sufficiently generic to fit just about anybody – but who knows? Perhaps a higher donation can unlock slightly more useful bits of the future…..?

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    Default Day 1, morning

    The she-wolf
    The Gauntlet draws a big crowd, laughing and cheering at the unfortunate young men who try their luck at the obstacle range. There is no lack of contestants, who feel the need to try and impress their loved ones. Unfortunately, Savah, Das and Vorvashali have done a superb job this year and so far none have even gone past the second obstacle. As the she-wolf takes her place in the crowd a new contestant has just stepped up to the plate. He is a handsome broad shouldered young man - heavy built, but surprisingly graceful in his movements. He easily climbs the wall and the sheer power he displays when bull rushing the sand bag makes a few young women standing near Nagri giggle and whisper excitedly together. However, at the third obstacle a slight miscalculation on the young mans part makes him venture on the beam a little too soon and he is knocked off by the heavy swinging pendulum - to the young girls' frightened gasp and the rest of the crowd's roaring laughter. Harker's trick shot is less well visited - being somewhat less spectacular than The Gauntlet - but a few hopefuls, mostly older men, have lined up.

    Paulo knows how to work a crowd - you don't just grab whatever you can take, you carefully pick the right target and wait patiently for the right moment to strike. With expert - almost ghostly - fingers, Paulo easily snaps the coin purse from the big fellows belt (why do they always leave their purse hanging so invitingly out in the open?). Moving swiftly through the crowd, Paulo is almost out of earshot before hearing a faint roar indicating that the unfortunate target has discovered the theft. But by then it is too late. Paulo finds a quiet corner down a narrow alley and opens the purse to discover his winnings. It contains Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d4) [4] gp and Authentic Forum Dice-roll(2d6) [6] sp.

    Haladan's tent is empty except for Haladan himself - perhaps most of the townsfolk find it too early in the day for sharing riddles. Chask Haladan is an old man with a well-trimmed grey beard and delicate spectacles sitting at the tip of his sizable nose. He greets Cyrill with a friendly smile, "Good day to you, friend - are you enjoying the Festival so far? Would you care for a little game of riddles?"

    Madame Mvashti is an ancient-looking woman, little more than frail bones and parchment skin covered in strange but long-faded tattoos. The old crone looks up at you and smiles an almost toothless smile. Expecting a voice as fragile as her looks, you are surprised by the strength of her voice as she responds, "By all means, little one. 5 coppers - what will it be? Palms or cards, hmmm?"

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    ((Will edit when I see the results of my rolls.))
    "Alright! I'll give this a go!" the She-Wolf shouts as she unbuckles her armor and steps up to try her luck at the obstacle course. She has no misgivings about the probability of success but her grin is no less hungry for it. Gladly she pays half of her remaining coins for the challenge. ((5cp))
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollclimb - (1d20+8) [25] With the ease of a cat she scales the wall in no time flat.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollbull rush - (1d20+5) [16] Like a seasoned wrestler the obstacle is pushed out of the way.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollacrobatics - (1d20+2) [20] The balancing act proves not too big a challenge and she keeps her cool and balance as he laughter and grin only gets bigger.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollreflex save - (1d20+3) [18] Easily she avoids the swinging pendulums.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollwill save - (1d20) [14] She even succeeds in shaking the befuddlement from her mind and opens the door right on time.
    Her hands in the air laughing and whoopin' she emerges victoriously from the gauntlet. The chip on her shoulder having gotten that much bigger and her mood that much more cheerful as she receives her reward.

    After the obstacle course, and the re-donning of her armor, she heads over to the shooting range.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollto hit - (1d20+3) [19]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollto hit - (1d20+3) [16]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollto hit - (1d20+3) [10]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollto hit - (1d20+3) [10]
    Here her results are not as satisfactory but she doesn't mind and takes her one only hit with a good natured smile. At least she had won her entrance money back.

    Turning from the stands she heads over to the nearest stall that sells mead for a big mug. At least now she can afford it.
    This was turning out to be a great day!
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    "Cards will do just fine." Endarulf hands over the 5 coppers to the old woman with a smile. He looked to the crystal ball sitting in front of the fortune teller and couldn't help but be reminded of the moon and its beauty when it is full. Maybe this woman can tell me if I ever find the Mysterious One, Endarulf thought.

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    The atmosphere is very pleasant here indeed, and where atmosphere becomes festive, my kind swiftly follows it would seem. And I'm always ready to test my mettle with those who are willing to test it my friend. Cyrill took a piece of gold from his purse and laid it on the table, he luckily had kept a small cache of reserve for events like this.
    He, with a quiet voice, held a do for a second to bring himself to focus, and awaited the riddles.

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    Joyya stumped around, allowing his frown to melt away to a smile as the day wore on. No troubles yet, folks seemed happy and the weather was just about perfect.

    Wandering stall to stall, the old dwarf murmurs, "Praise the Good...this day might just turn out alright after all."

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    Paulo slips into the space between two buildings and takes a slow breath. He’s been doing this long enough to not be ‘nervous’ as such, but it never fails to get his adrenaline pumping. He empties the contents of the coin purse into his palm and looks over his spoils…4 gold and 6 silver pieces…not great, but not awful either. It’d keep him from sleeping in a barn, anyway. He slips the coins into his own (much more well-hidden) coin purse, discards the empty one, and heads back out into the crowd.
    As he walks about, he takes in all the sights and sounds, enjoying the festive atmosphere…in fact, enjoying it even more, now that his coin purse wasn’t so light. He looks upon the various tents and games and thinks he might even splurge and give one a try.

    He stops in front of a crude wooden ‘pond’ with a sign indicating it’s “Gorvi's Goblin Fishing Extravaganza”. He looks at the rather large half-orc and attempts to avoid flinching as he smells him. He puts on his best smile and says, “Gorvi, is it? How ‘bout a bit of fishing, then?” and flips a single gold coin to the half-orc. Why not go all out?

    Paulo listens to Gorvi explain the rules, and step aside, indicating the start of his 10 seconds. He studies the position of the goblins and the rather well-endowed mermaids, trying to commit them to memory.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollperception - (1d20+6) [20]

    He then waits as Gorvi comes around and ties a blindfold around his eyes…good gods what’s that smell? Trying to recall the position of each mermaid, he takes the fishing hook, lowers it and makes his first attempt…
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldex check 1 - (1d20+4) [8]

    Then his second…
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldex check 2 - (1d20+4) [6]

    And his last…
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldex check 3 - (1d20+4) [6]

    As he takes the blindfold off, Paulo looks down and cringes as he's met with 3 ugly goblin faces! "Curses!" he says, but with a chuckle, "Your mermaids...they tease me! Perhaps next time." Paulo leaves Gorvi pocketing his newly acquired gold coin, and moves off to other parts of the festival.
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    Ragnar now drunk and unable to find any in the taverns to pick a fight with, decides to go and take a look around the festivals attractions. He reaches the archery tent just in time to see a big half-orc fail in her attempt to shoot the four arrows at the targets. Ragnar grunts and steps in front of the line. Maybe not the thing for a great warrior, Ragnar thinks for himself, But I need some fun, Ragnar puts a gold cone in the desk, "Let me have a go at your little archery game," He says to the man behind the wooden disk. He then grabs the bow and the four arrows and starts shooting before the man can answer.
    Range shooting
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollfirst hit - (d20+5+1) (4) [10] +1 from Point blank shot
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollsecond hit - (d20+5+1) (4) [10] +1 from Point blank shot
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollthird hit - (d20+5+1) (17) [23] +1 from Point blank shot
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollfourth hit - (d20+5+1) (13) [19] +1 from Point blank shot

    Edit: The two first arrows are wide off, likely because Ragnar has had to much to drink, and is himself swinging from side to side, as he fires the 2 arrows. After seeing that he has missed the first target twice, he takes a deep breath and concentrates before shooting again. The third and fourths arrow hit there targets, and saves Ragnar from total humiliation. He is not happy with himself, and looks back to see if somebody is mocking he's ability with a bow. If there is he will confront this person. He takes back his gold coin, as that was his price for hitting 2 targets, and steps back to watch others try there luck.
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    Paulo ignores the voice in the back of his head telling him to go back and try the fishing game just one more time…that he’ll win his gold back and more…

    He walks on and stops in front of the archery game, watching an apparently drunk tattooed man try to shoot a bow. At first he figures it’s good for a laugh, but begrudgingly nods in admiration as the man’s shots get truer the more he shoots. It's not every man who can shoot well drunk, he thinks.

    Losing interest, he decides to do something moderately productive with the rest of the day. He finds a quiet(er) corner of the festivities where he drops his pack, pulls out his recorder and gets ready to play. He knows the importance of, and professional courtesy dictates, not setting up too close to any other musicians. He hefts the recorder in his hand, feeling its exception balance and weight. This recorder has been passed down through 3 generations of his family; a fine masterwork instrument, but the years have left it in need of some repair. Although it’s still quite playable, he silently vows to have it repaired once he’s saved up enough gold. In the meantime, what better place than a festival to play for the passing crowds and hopefully get some tips? He lays his embroidered scarf on the ground in front of him, making a circle in which onlookers can toss coins should they wish; and then begins to play a snappy, upbeat tune.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollperform - (1d20+5) [8]

    Paulo cringes as the first notes from his recorder are a bit off. Clearly he's gone too long without playing. He makes a mental note to get back in the habit of practising to get his 'chops' up. He shrugs and continues playing for his own enjoyment, if no one else's.
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