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Thread: Chapter 1: Burnt offerings

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    Default Chapter 1: Burnt offerings

    Sandpoint is a small but bustling town sitting on the Lost Coast in the southeastern part of Varisia. A little more than 1200 souls call it home - mostly human but some halflings, elves, dwarves, gnomes and even half-orcs are also found. The town is large enough to contain all sorts of characters - many kind and helpful, others less so - and small enough that gossip spread like wildfire.

    For whatever reason, you all find yourselves in town on the morning of the autumnal equinox - the day of the much anticipated yearly Swallowtail Festival. This year is special, however. After long years of construction, the new cathedral is finally completed and today is the day for its consecration.

    The sun rises on a beautiful and mild autumn day. Most of the inhabitants of the town, flock to the Town Square in front of the new cathedral (#1 on the town map). You follow the crowd - if nothing else, then to see what all the fuss is about. The center of the square is packed with people of all sizes and colors - around its edges are various stalls, tents and booths promising all kinds of foods, drinks, souvenirs and entertainment. In front of the cathedral, a tribune is erected, and presently a tall well-built dark-skinned human of obvious Shoanti lineage has climbed its stairs and tries to quiet everybody in the square down. From her brief brushes with the law, Nagri would recognize him as the town sheriff, Belor Hemlock.

    After some time, he succeeds (mostly) and he steps down making room for a short lithe woman, Kendra Deverin, the town mayor.

    With a surprisingly strong (for her size) voice that easily reaches the farthest corners of the square she starts to speak, "My dear friends and honored visitors - welcome to this years Swallowtail Festival...". She is immediately interrupted by cheering applause from the crowd, which is obviously in a splendid mood right from the outset. When they have calmed down again, she continues, "I am so happy to see so many showing up for this time-honored event..." she gestures towards a particular person in the crowd, smiling "...I can see even Larz Rovanky has managed to tear himself away from his tannery to join us...". This remark is rewarded with another bout of applause and laughter (from all except Larz).

    She continues her speech for a little while, making sure to include a few jokes, which are well-received by the crowd. When she is done, the sheriff comes on stage again to say a few words. "Erh...have fun today and remember to take good care at the bonfire tonight. Watch out for pick-pockets and go easy on the ale. And...erh...please join me in a moment of silence to remember those who lost their life in the great fire that claimed our previous chapel four years ago...". He is clearly less of a speaker than the mayor and his depressing message takes the mood down a notch or two.

    After taking the moment, the sheriff speaks up again, "And now I will leave the floor to one of the most esteemed members of our community Lonjiku Kaijitsu...". He steps down amid widespread applause, but when the crowd calms down again, the stage is still empty. The crowd starts mumbling in confusion and finally a flamboyant and brightly colored human jumps up on stage "I am afraid Master Kaijitsu has come down with the flu and will not be able to dazzle us with his wit and rhetorics - I am certain that he deeply regrets missing the festivities". The amused response of the crowd suggests that the indisposed nobleman would be anything but regretful. The speaker, Cyrdak Drokkus, the towns resident showman and owner of Sandpoint Theater continues by delivering a not-completely-irreverent recap of the long process the town went through to finance and construct the new cathedral. As he nears the end of his account, he suddenly changes the subject, "...and please remember - tomorrow Sandpoint Theater premiers my new production of 'The Harpy's Curse', featuring in the lead role of Avisera the harpy queen none other than the world famous diva Allishanda travelling all the way from Magnimar! Get your tickets now, before....". The rest of his message is cut off abruptly, as he is yanked off-stage by a middle-aged human clad in a plain blue robe.

    Having disposed of the self-promoting theater-owner, Father Abstalar Zantus, steps back up on stage and gives a short speech thanking everybody for coming and reminding the people that the consecration of the cathedral will be in the afternoon. The Festival is now officially declared open.

    A lot of fun and games can be experienced during the Swallowtail Festival. Walking around the town square you see market stalls selling sundry mundane (and a few wondrous) items. Tents and booths offer various entertainments and contests, including Gorvi's Goblin Fishing Extravaganza (fishing pond), Harker's Trick shot (archery contest), The Gauntlet (obstacle course), Haladan's Riddle and Rhyme (Riddle contest) and Madame Mvashti's Fame and Fortune (Fortune teller)
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    Joyya grunts as he hoists himself up onto his one good leg - along with his iron stump - and sighs. Festival's begun, drinks will flow, accidents will happen. Idiots with slashed limbs, all grinning and grinding through the pain.

    And he'd help them. Of course he would.

    After what he'd seen...after what he'd could he not?
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    Endarulf just arrived in Sandpoint early, by his standards, in the morning. The hustle and bustle for such a small town surprised him. He witnessed citizens walking to and fro gathering around the town center. Being the curious one, Endarulf raised a silver eyebrow and followed the citizens. Apparently, there is a festival for the equinox, Endarulf was intrigued. Any celebration to the patterns of the cosmos had always peaked his interest. Maybe he could find out more about the Mysterious One he has been searching for.

    Endarulf grew closer to the crowd until he stood next to a couple of the citizens. He rested his left hand laxly on his rapier hilt. He looked around him to find anyone of interest to strike up a conversation with; as to not look like a loner. Endarulf's focus was broken slightly due to the pesky flamboyant fellow on the stage, but he kept looking methodically scanning the crowd while listening to the speakers on stage.

    "I might enjoy this festival. The first one I took part in since I left home." Endarulf laughed as he jokingly nudged the citizen next to him.

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    The She-Wolf is among the more vocal of the crowd's members whooping and hollering and laughing at/with the various speakers. When the sherrif takes the stage she can be heard shouting "Take of your shirt!" to nobody's real amusement but her own. She wanders through the crowd and square laughing and swiping the occasional unattended mug of spirits. She's in her normal good and irreverent mood as she eats an apple. Her interest is peaked by the archery contest and the obstacle course and she decides, grinning widely, to try her hand at both.
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    Paulo can feel the excitement in town with the locals and many visitors, as the crowd is gathered about the new cathedral listening to the speeches. He looks up for a moment, and can't help admiring the 'shiny' new is definitely an impressive structure. He smiles at the ‘buzz’ in the air, always enjoying a festival himself. He’s come to Sandpoint to play a bit of music and make a bit of coin…he’s on dangerously low reserves at the moment. He thinks, ‘I’d hate to have to find another barn to sleep in tonight…’

    He looks over the crowd of people standing under the imposing form of the new cathedral. A lifetime of nomadic travels with his parents and his clan, performing in cities and parting fools from their gold, however, makes it difficult to look at the crowd without naturally trying to pick out rubes and easy targets.
    He adjusts his embroidered scarf, draped loosely about his neck, and moves along the edges of the crowd. ‘Maybe just one coin purse?’ he thinks. Crowds were always the best for picking…lots of people around..all bumping in to one another. Makes it difficult to know an innocent touch from a no-so-innocent one.

    As he makes his way through the assembled crowd, he can hear the speeches coming to an end; the one called Father Zantus officially opening the festival. The mass of people begins dispersing, moving all at once…an opportune time to go to work, perhaps.

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    After a long journey to get to sandpoint, it would prove just Cyrills luck to arrive the day of a major celebration.
    On the one hand, a celebration was an excellent time to hear rumours, drunk people about everywhere, quite willing to spell their beans to show just how important they were.
    Furthermore, he enjoyed celebrations himself, it used to be his bread and butter, and even now it was hard not to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

    The drawbacks off course were quite simple, the festive atmosphere meshed very badly with his practised repertoire, which despite being popular, was different than most bard, and quite unsuited to the all to cheerful and infectious mood suffusing this place.
    'I wish you were more physically here Sophia, you'd enjoy it.' he muttered, seemingly to himself, in a hushed baritone voice.

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    Paulo fingers his own dismally light coin purse, as he canvases the crowds. With the speeches at an end, the mass of people gathered about the cathedral square seem to all be leaving at once, going to see the sights of the festival. What Paulo sees are bodies pressed up against one another amidst heavy foot traffic, which equals excellent conditions to change his fortune.

    He spots a big-bellied, wealthy-looking man who walks with an air of condescension and superiority; almost as if he believes himself too good to be walking amidst the rabble like this. His clothes speak of some lesser nobility, perhaps from Korvosa or Magnimar. The man’s annoyance shows clearly as he huffs about, nudging elbows at any ‘commoner’ unfortunate enough to find themselves beside or in front of him. He appears to be in a hurry to get out of the mob, probably back to some private tent.

    Paulo falls in behind his newly acquired target…deftly making his way closer, his fingers itching as they always do before a bit of ‘exercise’. The pedestrians flow south from the cathedral square, filling the street as it nears a low stone wall. People are stopping at the end of the through-way to watch as a performer balances on the stone wall juggling flaming torches. Many an ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ are heard…even the grumpy nobleman pauses, a raised eyebrow likely to be all the applause coming from him.

    Paulo picks his moment…the crowd jostling and pressing for a better view…he slides up beside the man, his deft hands aiming for the coin purse more prominently displayed than is sensible.
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    Once he makes a grab for the purse, he attempts to swiftly disappear into the flow of people moving past the watchers; knowing it’s not wise to stick around the scene of the…action…too long.
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    She-wolfs shouting, pick-pockets picking, hicks and bumpkins striving to get as drunk as noontime allowed...

    Damnation, Joyya silently cursed. Can't these fool kids see where their paths lead?!

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    Darting around on the party, Cyrills eye was caught by Haladans riddle contest, so he decided to take a look.
    If non-drunk company was to be found for the evening, it would probably be there, and a riddle contest would either be a fun and gainfull match, or new inspiration to use in thenext town.
    Feeling slightly tired from the long journey, the bard had a lot hi weight resting on the walking stick he had picked up on the journey.

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    As the caravan enters Sandport the Swallowtail festival in about to be kicked off. A big man with dark olive skin, a big claw scar on his right cheek and tattoos on most of his body jumps of the first wagon. Ragnar grabs his gear, great sword and bow, and thanks the merchants whit a silent nod and heads in the direction of the crowds massing in in front of the big Citadel. Ragnar is not use to being in a city, and prefers the forest or open wilderness, but now he is here, and this place may be better if he is to find a way to become a great warrior.

    After the speech by the city's mayor Ragnar decides to walk around the tents to see what this festival is all about. While walking, Ragnar thinks that maybe he can ears some gold so he can take a ship away from here, and away from Tanrov who wants his head. But he can't he has to regain his and his grandfathers honor by becoming a great warrior. Ragnar therefore decides to find a tavern so he can start his warrior path by getting drunk and maybe start a bar fight. Ragnar just wants to forget every thing. once in a while he looks over his shoulder to check if Tanrov has followed him. He knows he hasn't but he can't stop looking anyways.

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