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Thread: OOC thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger View Post
    Adanedhel is no longer in a possession of a working computer and tells me he can't post without it.
    So we'll have to do without our bard.
    That is very disturbing, indeed. I hope it is only temporary.

    Would anybody care to puppet the Bard in the meantime? I got my hands full with enemies, rangers and cats, and I won't be able to do his character justice.

    Quote Originally Posted by mdh View Post
    (Amadeus is caster level 10 with Magic Missiles due to his traits and feats...
    Right - as I said, having a hard keeping track of all bonuses.... Anyway, now you know she has spell resistance, so you can make the caster level check when casting the spell.

    And his AC is now 19 unless he is surprised but if surprised he would have been eligible for sneak attack damage so I will assume not surprised...)
    Your sheet says AC 17. Am I forgetting any circumstancial bonuses?

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    Work blocks me from Mythweavers and have had troubles with site with my tablet. Took Dodge and Dex to 18 for +2 ac when took last level. Will try to update again.

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    I'm flying back to Maine from Florida today and will be off on another little adventure this weekend. Posting will be very spotty until Monday! Thanks for bearing with me. I'll be back to normal posting after that.

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    If Cyrus can whack the traitor, Amadeus can spell snake lady.

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    I'm back! I'm alive!

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    Great! Still trying to figure out the dirge bard so I can post for Cyril. He can keep his bonuses for the party and cast at the same time? Thinking blindness on the traitor rogue.
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    Go for it, bud.

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    Default OOC thread

    Hey guys, right in the midst of moving my family overseas (heading back to Australia). I'll try to keep up, but the next 2 weeks are pretty hairy.

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    Looks like things are slow here all the way around, bud. Good luck with your move!

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    Hey all

    Apologies for the long wait and for not giving prior notice. Been on vacation for the past couple of weeks, and before that rushing to tie up a number of loose ends at work. I've just come back from vacation - I'll just get my head into the campaign again and try to get the ball rolling again by tomorrow.


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