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    Dear Tangled Web community,

    Hi! I found this site by way of a friend, when I was interested in playing D&D online with some old college friends.

    A while back (I guess 4 years? Wow), I wrote an online random town generator to help streamline town roleplaying a bit. At the time, it didn't enjoy much popularity, because many people did not have laptops with wireless internet to bring to the gaming table to use the tool (it is online only...but at least it works on all OSes ). It didn't take long after thinking about playing online, that I realized "if people are playing online...the DM is the DM has access to the s/he can use my generator!" So, I want to make this community aware of the tool I have made.

    Here's the link:

    A) Completely free. I make enough money as a grad student, I don't need your stinking money (ha!)
    B) Complete breakdown of the members of every class in the city (standard 3.5 D&D rules)
    C) Complete breakdown of all Blacksmiths, Jewelry stores, general stores, magic stores, and taverns in the city.
    D) This feature just came about a few weeks ago when I finally got my lazy butt around to updating it. The Town Generator now "remembers" your town, supposing you type in the exact name and provide the exact same racial demographics. So if you suspect you will want to use the town again, it's best to jot down the name of it and the demographics you used.
    C) is probably the most popular feature. Every NPC has a name (many from The Everchanging Book of Names, used with permission, Additionally, all NPCs that have these specific jobs have a chance to be married, and if they are married, a further chance to have children. Some of them have apprentices too. The taverns are a very popular use of this program, as it provides an hour by hour common patronage, as well as waitstaff and performing bards. )
    Here's a sample tavern output for "The Frosty Pig" in the town of "Testtown"

    I hope you have some fun with this program, or even use it during your game! Feedback is always welcome

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    Wow, that site rocks!!

    Best damned town generator yet. I loaded up a small thorp and it totally stocked the thing. The tavern in the town had a full menu with prices as well as a schedule for the employees.

    The thing is awesome and i'm gonna play around with it some more. Nice work Mathemagician!!!

    edit: Oh yeah, Welcome to the web... that's one heck of an entrance eh
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    Nice . I think that's worthy of adding to the links list on the Main Page. Really nice work there.
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    Thank you for your kind words

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    Its still loading for me, but may I say, thats something really great you've made!
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    Great stuff! I've added a link on my site.
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