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Garret runs for the north side of the fort where he knows there is a staircase to the battlements. Knowing the lay of the land helps him out, and he's able to get midway up the stairs this round.

Viktoria takes a moment to look around and notices 3 things. 1, the man she helped is still hanging around nearby, one hand pressed to his injured shoulder, but his eyes saying he's ready to help if necessary. 2, if she stays on the battlements, she could round her way to the northside of the keep (At a dead run) in 2 rounds. 3....All three men are at the north battlements. The one wielding the rifle now is the one from the shadows of the barracks. The other two, the Dual-swordsman and Viktoria's opponent seem to be reloading rifles for him....its safe to assume that there will be more than one shot every 12 seconds from now on.

Thorred spots their opponent, just like everyone else, on the north battlements. He is just lifting his rifle from having taken his shot at the good Captain Garret.

Gnool, meanwhile, whips his first arrow into the air, but the blood dripping from the tip and quickness of the shot causes the shot to miss its target. The second shot however slices through the top of the man's shoulder. While not a direct hit, its definitely bleeding a good amount and the cursing coming from the man speaks volumes about the pain it caused.

However, the man lifts another rifle quickly, taking aim at the good Captain once more, and fires a shot.

Authentic Forum Dice-rollAttack - (1d20+8) [23]
Authentic Forum Dice-rollDamage - (4d4) [15]

And then he quickly lets the rifle fall to his side as another rifle seems to be slid into his hands and he takes aim.... across the courtyard, at the man next to Viktoria.

Authentic Forum Dice-rollAttack - (1d20+8) [10]
Authentic Forum Dice-rollDamage - (4d4) [10]

However, it seems to be this one particular guardsman's lucky day....Because when the hammer falls, and the spark ignites....nothing happens for a long second....Followed by an explosion and the screech of metal on metal as the gun explodes in the man's hands, showering the area with shrapnel.

Two voices are heard cursing loudly, followed by a trio of thuds (One, then two).

When Garret reaches the spot where the men had been, only smoke charred stones and some bloodstains remain to say that the men had been there. It seems they had fled into the night.

Silence falls on the keep, but for the heavy breathing of the five survivors of this bloody massacre.

(Man... Misfires are a BITCH on heavily modified rifles..... Haha

Congratulations! You guys actually managed to save one of the unlucky bastards! I honestly didn't expect that.

Everyone level up and take some time to roleplay amongst yourselves.

Yamazaki, if you would like to create a persona for the sole surviving soldier of your little army, you're welcome to. If not, I shall do so. Just let me know.)