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    Default [Shopping] Adventure Mart

    Welcome Brave Heroes, Vile Villains, and everything in between, to Adventure Mart!

    We are your one stop shop for everything you need for your adventuring career, from the magical to the mundane! Step right up to one of our convenient Item Catalogues to see our current stock at your location. If you can't find what you want, let us know and we'll see if one of our affiliates might have one taht we can have shipped to you, at a slight markup for the convenience of of course!

    Alright, so this thread will be used for all OOC shopping.

    When searching for an item, please consult the information below. Every city will have a different assortment of items, and different chances for different items. Please consult the spoiler for the city you are currently in. Cities will be added as you visit them.

    When rolling to see if an item is in stock, please roll 1d100. High results are successes, Low results are failures. Please put all Rolls in this thread.

    Example: If an item has a 25% chance of failure, results of 1-25 would result in the item being out of stock, while results of 26-100 would be items that are in stock.

    Out of stock items can be tried for again one week later. Out of stock items are out of stock for everyone. For instance, if Person 1 rolls for a Hat of Disguise and it is found to be out of stock, No one else could roll for a hat of Disguise, as it would be out of stock for everyone. Once one week has passed, it can be tried for again as new stock might have come in.

    Different cities have different stock, so out of stock limits apply to each city individually.

    If an item is found to be In Stock by one person, and someone else wants one as well, they will have to roll to see if a second one is found to be in stock (assuming the first person actually purchased the said item).


    New Althere (Ground city)


    All Rules subject to revision as deemed necessary. This is the first time I've used something like this and is off the top of my head. If it doesn't work, revisions will be made. Advice/comments are welcome.
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    Rolling for Dust of Illusion (12% failure chance)
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d100) [16]

    Rolling for Efficient Quiver (18% failure chance)
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d100) [32]

    Ok, so buying both, using Rychar's Discount, brings my total from 3000 gold down to 2250. Great deal all the way around!
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    Ya know what? With that great discount, I might be able to snag a Cloak of Resistance +1 too. Let's see if it's in stock, with a 10% failure chance...

    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d100) [47]

    Yeah, what the hell...I can't resist a good bargain!
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    Let's try for the high dollar items....

    Gauntlets of Ogre Power (40% chance to be out-of-stock)

    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d100) [87]

    Okay, there goes the whole bonus, and Viktoria has new gauntlets!
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    I considered doing the same, trying for a +2 attribute item for 4000, but I decided to diversify a bit, thanks to looking like a goddamn hobgoblin

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    Well seeing as I can't get a Monk's Belt currently I'm going to settle for looking for a Handy Haversack for now.

    (20% chance to be out) Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d100) [13]

    And so much for that. At least I've got almost enough for the Belt if we get to a decent market.
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    Shopping for 2 Everburning Torches (1% out of stock)

    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d100) [83]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d100) [83]

    Everburning Torches, check.

    Also, adding 2 dozen Tindertwigs and one dozen Sunrods to my inventory - that should hold us for a while.
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    Klaus Abessios Purchase List

    Using communal funds as per this post.

    Starting Communal Funds: 22,323 gp

    • Wooden Table (Guesstimating price as 10 gp)
    • Non-magical marble sphere (1 lb, 5 gp)
    • Ship's boat (500 gp) Authentic Forum Dice-rollDC 2 (I think) - (1d100) (73) [73]
    • Assorted incense, alchemical components, and the sort (10,000 gp)

    Remaining Communal Funds: 11,808 gp


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