Concept #9
The 30 Day Game

Right now this is just a skeleton of an idea I am posting it because doing so will help me to flesh it out. There is something about putting an idea in Public that makes me want to develop it out. I think I wish to work out the details before others do perhaps or maybe I just want to anticipate questions.

The main idea here is to do a Fast PbP Game that only lasts for 30 days. The reason for the timelimit is to end the Game before the majority of Players start to get bored. In my past 4 Games there has been a Golden Time where everybody shows up every day and play just flys along. Since it seems impossible to sustain this time past a Month I am just going to make Games that are only that long.

Now there is a drawback to this idea. It will only work with a group that can pretty much meet every weekday evening (USA time). People on other schedules simply will not be able to keep up. The key to making this work is having people use the Forum like a Chat room for a couple of hours each night. On the flip side this means the Game is fast and that should be appealing to some. Those who find PbP far too slow under most circumstances just might enjoy this form.

Potential Specific Game Concept

There is one Story that I have thought about ever since I was little. I have never used it in a Game in any fashion so that might be a good candidate for the first 30 Day Game (30DG).

The story starts with someone discovering an Alien Craft that has been buried for a very long time. The Ship has been waiting for a sentient being for so long it accepts it's discoverer and gives them Command. In one version of the Story the Ship has been watching human History since the dawn of time. This means the true history of the world is known and from that a lot of things can happen. For the Game I might drop this part because of the complexity of explaining History in this fashion.

But the Ship could have any sort of abilities from giving everyone Iron Man-like Armor to physically transforming them into something else. Pretty sure I want to go with the Players remaining Human and just having powerful tools/weapons to work with but that is flexible right now.

There is the potential to do this Game as a sort of Reality Show. That would mean that instead of being someone else in an odd situation you would be yourself in an odd situation. I realize I am the Guru of Role Playing but I think it might be fun so see what people can do with themselves as a Character.

I was also considering my role in such a Game. Obviously I will have to play most of the NPCs but I might also be myself as well. The big question would be am I the one who found the Ship or am I just part of the Group? There are good and bad points to both approaches so I am uncertain about it right now. Since I have to be the primary conduit of information and level of ability the Ship provides it makes a fair amount of sense that I would be the one who found her.

But the big question will be what do we do with power? Whatever we did would likely result in some fine fast paced Adventures. But I think in 30 days we could discover what the Ship can do and have a fair bit of fun doing it.

I could of course do this as a more normal RPG with regular PCs. And I might. But I think it would be far more interesting to do the Reality Show version. We would be using my d100 System in some form of course.