Stardate 49542.7

The Enterprise has encountered a spatial rift and is currently adrift.

Captain Jean-Luc stepped out of the turbolift onto the spacious bridge of the Enterprise, the crew struggling to get their bearings.
"Status, Number One?"
Riker turned around from the viewscreen. "We have established orbit over a Class M planet, but we still have no idea where we are. Some of the stars look familiar, but there's no Federation signals nor subspace activity we can orient ourselves by."
"Activity on the planet?"
"There is widespread agriculture on the planet with concurrent industrial activity. The technology is remarkably advanced, but crudely implemented. Life signs are --" Data reported while examining the data from his station.
"Ship of approaching from the planet. It does not match any known profile." Worf interrupted.
"Onscreen, raise shields." Picard ordered. The viewscreen switched to show a small transport leaving the atmosphere of the golden planet. Picard stared at it for a moment before turning to Worf momentarily "Capabilities?"
"Simple vector thrusters, unknown weapons or shields. We are receiving a signal from the craft -- EM transmission."
"Radio? No subspace transmissions?" Picard looked to Riker. "A strange blend of technology. Advanced agriculture that the entire planet can be used a giant farm, but they use such simple spacecraft."
"Are you concerned about breaking the Prime Directive?"
"We've already been spotted, we should proceed with caution until we learn more. Mr. Data, see if you can modify the communications system to pick up their signal."
"I have isolated their signal, but there no match to their language in our databanks. The universal translator is determining a basic course of language."
"The ships has matched orbit with us and is maintaining distance." Worf stated.
Picard grimaced, "Now we play the waiting game."

Enforcer Dana Urbank sat back in her chair on the Valkyrie transport as the Imperial Navy pilots brought the craft into orbit over San Leon and matched the strange craft in orbit and speed. Her right hand unconsciously began drumming on the armrest as she grew in anxiety.
"Auspex readings show a ship of unknown manufacture. It matches no Imperium or known alien ship. The manufacture overall is crude, thin armor and very underpowered weapons. Several engines, one very powerful. There are approximately 1,000 life signs on board, many match human biometric patterns, but there are several that fall outside that baseline."
"None that match known races, but that would be a reasonable conclusion."
Dana's hand stopped drumming and tightened into a fist. "Contact them."
The pilot touched the activation rune of his communication and set it for a broad-spectrum communication, "Unknown craft, this is Imperial transport 'High Justice,' please respond."
There was a brief pause as the communique was met with silence. "No response, sir."
"Continue hailing for now. If they take any aggressive action, return fire and be ready to attempt boarding. The Judges want the ship and crew for inspection and interrogation."
The pilot nodded and repeated his message several times. The ships's intercom crackled to life and voice emanated from the speakers.
"This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation starship Enterprise. We come in peace and ask you identify yourself."
Dana and the pilot were struck with confusion. The voice sounded human, yet used names unknown to their ears.
Dana spoke into the air for the internal microphones, "This is Enforcer Dana Urbank of the Imperial Adeptus Arbites. Say again your identification." She then flipped off the intercom and queried the pilot "Federation?"
The pilot was just as confused as she, "Perhaps humans lost during the Age of Strife?"

Picard was stunned as he heard the crackling response over the ship's comm. "Imperial? Are we in the universe of the Terran Empire?"
Data responded, "The Terran Empire is in many ways a parallel of ours. Never before has there been any record of an organization named the Adeptus Arbites, Captain."
"With no visual communication possible, we're going to be at an impasse if we keep walking on eggshells. I say we beam a representative over and have some face-to-face talking." Riker commented.
"We know nothing of these people and may very well be in violation of the Prime Directive if we beam onto their ship." Picard retorted.
"Transport may not be an option, sir. Sensors indicate a fairly dense hull that would make transport a risky proposition." Data reported. "Sir, if I may suggest a compromise, what about allowing them into the shuttlebay?"
"We can speak to them and keep them from seeing too much. They seem comfortable enough with a ship our size."
Picard turned to Counselor Troi "Your analysis, Counselor?"
"The Enforcer seems apprehensive and cautious, but I was not feeling any fear from her, rather a great deal of suspicion and what almost seemed like anger."
Picard sighed, weighing the options. "Looks like we have no choice, re-open the channel to the High Justice."
"Channel's open, sir."
"Enforcer Urbank, this is the starship Enterprise of the United Federation of Planets. We wish to speak face-to-face with you. With your permission we would like to have you enter our shuttlebay."
"That will be acceptable, Captain. Please re-orient your ship and open your bay doors and we will being docking procedures."
"As a gesture of goodwill, we ask that we bring you in by tractor beam. It will at least spare you some fuel and would make things easier all around."
Dana's voice came back reluctantly, "As you wish, Captain, thank you."

Dana turned to the rear of the transport "Enforcers, ten-hut!"
Five people immediately rose to their feet and came through the hatch to stand at attention before her.
"Suit up in carapace armor and await my signal. Use apprehension devices, we want them alive and the ship intact."
"Yes sir!" was the uniform response as the Enforcers then went back through the hatch. Dana donned a flak vest and secured her bolt pistol to her belt. She then donned a formal uniform shirt over the vest, keeping the bolt pistol visible and drawable. She then turned to the pilot. "Get suited up, you're coming with me."