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Thread: Haiku, anyone?

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    Default Haiku, anyone?

    Inhale the daylight.
    Speak the language of the sun.
    Let energy from stars sustain you.
    Open your leaves to their light.
    Breathe these ancient gods.

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    Smile Smoke Break

    A proper haiku is more than just a 3-line poem divided into 5-7-5 syllables. The Japanese art form actually has several requirements:
    1) The number of syllables (actually 'moras', which are equivelant to, but not the same as, a syllable) is only the first.
    2) A proper haiku should also contain a seasonal reference (kigo),
    3) and a cutting word (kireji) which gives more depth to the work and accents an emotional spark.
    4) Lastly, a true haiku is supposed to compare two dissimilar things.

    My submission: SMOKE BREAK
    Inhale, long deep breaths.
    Sitting on the new-born grass
    contemplating God.
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    Default haiku

    This is Insanity

    concrete room, restrain

    Calming me, such gental snow

    my fades......away


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