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Thread: Spawnslaught: An evolutionary tactical wargame for Virtual Gaming Tables

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    bah, i caught this post a little late. I got caught up in making up rules for a solo play by post game. Maybe tomorrow night around 8 PM EST. Look for me in IRC.
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    Well obviously at my computer right now, duh


    sry for not playing sunday night and tonight, had something else going on that i expected to end at 7:00. it ended at 8:30. Monday nights have always been bad for me, but now i finally got that activity over with so i am free for the summer! kind of......
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    Sorry, no i didnt get a chance to play, been busy thinking about my own system im writing now. perhaps the font power can be written something like "Once per turn, you can turn a spawn into a font at a cost of (25-50 PP)"

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