To make a world like mine work takes something more than just people staying out of the daylight. A very tiny group of Heros and Villains could exist that way and not be noticed, maybe. But numbers beyond a handful are just a problem when you think about it logically.

So there is a little bit of common Magic that anyone with any connections to the MetaHuman world can easily get.

It provides a light form of invisibility, and can be altered in effect in a couple of ways. Focusing on, and speaking directly to someone will allow them to see you for a time.

But unless you maintain regular contact with someone not wearing the device, they forget. First the memories get a little fuzzy, and then they pretty much morp into something more commonplace, something that can be explained.

Anyone wearing the device can see everyone else who wears them.

For bigger events, when things happen to say buildings or large groups of people, then Wizards have to step in. But memories are subject to magic and anything can be handled.