The Hand of Evil

Base Weapon

+10 Greataxe ( large )


+10 base attack
+ 2 smite good/day
+ 2d6 sneak attack
+5d10 poison damage


any character to wield this monsterous greataxe that is not a 5th level blackguard incures the following reductions

10 poison damage per round
- 10 base attack


Blackguard of 5th level or higher
Epic Character level 30+

Each (The) Hand of Evil is made specifically for a certain Blackguard, the intended wearer must be present at the Creation- he will need to put 10,000gp and 12,500exp into the creation of this armour- he cannot also be the crafter of the Armour. another person is required to craft the armour- the crafter must have the Craft Epic Arms and Armours, Craft Epic Magic Item and Craft Wonderous Item feats, he must spend 5 days enchanting and crafting this armour, for which the Blackguard MUST be present to pour his negative energy and pure evil into the set. summoning spells must be cast into this armour to allow for the special ability, the attack and damage bonus' are a direct result oif the impending evil and doom.