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Thread: Pathfinder editions for 3.5 non-core Classes

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    Default Pathfinder editions for 3.5 non-core Classes

    I'm in the middle of working to update some of the non-core 3.5 classes so they match the power levels of some of the later classes and the Pathfinder core classes. My goal is to use them for a campaign I'm building. Obviously there are classes that need minimal change to them, such as stuff from the PHBII and Tome of Battle, but some classes from the older supplements have one or two decent abilities, but the rest is just painful. Some classes such as the samurai could even potentially have their job done better with a fighter. Not to mention hexblades are pointed and laughed at by duskblades on a regular basis.
    But to the point, I'll post my modifications to some of the classes on this thread, and I'm hoping the TTW community will provide me with feedbacks, opinions and suggestions. Feel free to suggest the next classes to be updated, too.

    To start things off, here are two classes I've made changes to:
    Favored Soul
    I've based the favored soul's key ability to match the Pathfinder sorcerer's, and possibly even more powerful. The reason is to compete with the cleric's ability of having two domains plus turning which can heal people. I wanted some of the favored soul's powers to focus on their favored weapons, which means i should think about comparing the favored soul to the paladin. But then again i thought the favored soul gets to cast spells, so I haven't thought into that too much. I'm partially tempted to get rid of the favored soul's MAD flaw, but instead i just made the favored soul's powers benefit more from having a high Cha score, so people can benefit from that 19 they had to invest just to cast the spells and not much else. Still a work in progress (well I guess they all are), since i need to do an entry for all the Pathfinder gods. Some gods are rather scarce on info, such as Erastil that i've filled out for a sample (I picked it coz it was he first one on the list).
    Hexblade, and here is a blog to discuss the hexblade in depth.
    the hexblade is boosted up quite a lot, mainly to make this a feasible alternative to the duskblade but without treading on the duskblade's territory. I've compared the new Hexblade with the new Paladin and Ranger, and this is what I came up with. They get their key abilities earlier or can be used more often, and i added UMD to the class skill list, which I'm not sure was appropriate. While the hexblade might be lacking in terms of damage dealing capability (when compared to the duskblade), they should have enough tools in their arsenal to make his enemies face great odds whatever they attempt to do, which is sometimes what a good tank is all about.
    Aside for that, I have expanded the hexblade's list of available bonus feats. I've also added a boost to how hex feats will work and created some custom hex feats. One ability I'm quite proud to have invented however, is the Gambler's Fallacy ability. Is the evil rogue trying to tumble you but failed? it'll now have to keep trying until it succeeds. Yeah good luck there with the Curse of Ignorace on you.
    The spellthief is a great class, but I've never heard of anyone using it. Probably because they'd pale in comparison in a fight against anyone but the caster, and casters are proud folks, always hanging out at the back behind a wall of magic or flesh. I've tried to help it along somewhat by giving it something extra with talents similar to how the rogue's have talents, and also the ability to steal spells with dispel magic to get past an annoying wall of force or a pesky summoned monster, not to mention a few tweaks to its old abilities. I've resisted the temptation to give this class something against psionics as well, partly so that Psithief feat would still have business, but mostly because any campaign that's gonna implement a lot of psionics and have a player who wanna play a spellthief would probably have something worked out with the DM anyway.
    This class is popular for dipping but horrendous for anything else, it now has some chancey abilities. It can deal criticals a lot more often, it has synergy with Complete Scoundrel's luck feats, and at high levels it can better use critical feats for save or suck effects. It also has a no save debuff which you might notice is similar to the knight's challange. One of the players in my WLD game is currently taking levels in this class, so hopefully I'll see if letting the high crit chance on one target at a time thing is justifiable for giving it some nice attacks.
    There is two versions here. The idea is to make the samurai into a ToB martial class, but for those that want to use these homebrews but don't want to include ToB, I have an alternative that lets the samurai gain a free magic armor that levels up with her, like the soulknife or the kensai. Don't worry, if I ever update the soulknife class, their soul blade will gain a similar progression. For the ToB version, it's similar to warblade, but the school you can use are more restricted in exchange for more maneuvers. Both version also have a ki ability tree which is spendable points that you can use to power attacks. You might notice the ToB disciplines that works best with TWF isn't on the list available to the samurai, that's because flavour wise they are more suited as Ronin disciplines. Yes, the ronin PrC will also get a work over.
    I've removed the attachment and updated the google links, they should work perfectly now. The attachments are not good for me since it's a bother for me to update them.
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    Did you publish these docs as a webpage or just set them to be shared via google docs?

    I ask because I had to log in to Gdocs in order to view them, whereas if you publish them as a webpage via Gdocs, folks who don't have a Gmail account won't be forced to create one in order to view your work.

    I feel that you'll get more input on them if everyone can view them and not just folks with Gmail accounts.

    I only did a cursory scan over your work for now and I'll need to refresh my pathfinder knowledge afore making any worthy critiques on what you've done so far. Looks like you've done some justice to the Hexblade though. I look forward to seeing some more.
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    they should be available to be viewed without logging in. I've published them as webpages from the start and i logged out and tested them, so i don't know why you had to log in.
    I was gonna attach them to the thread but i thought this way people don't have to worry about having a word processor open and just in case differrent versions of word messes up the tables or whatever.

    Maybe I should load them on a wiki, i dunno.
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    Non-core 3.5 base classes, Pathfinder ready! (but you know, still work in progress)

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    Hexblade is updated further, plus I've also uploaded attachments.
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    TIME TO FALL IN LOVE, EVERYONE - what is the hold up

    Non-core 3.5 base classes, Pathfinder ready! (but you know, still work in progress)

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    Spellthief is here! Please, opinions, criticism, fanfare!
    Sorry for taking so long, I've been a little busy the past few months.
    I'll work on a few more Favored Soul chosen deity abilities in the upcoming days.
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    Non-core 3.5 base classes, Pathfinder ready! (but you know, still work in progress)

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    Thanks! I love these buggers and wish to see em' in PF campaigns.
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    Lucky for you, I'm working on the Warmage right now. I was more keen on working on the Ninja since it was the less popular choice, but I don't see why I can't work on the scout soon.
    The Knight, as well as all classes from the PHBII, are fairly up to scratch and need minimal change. I plan to do a small write-up about the PHBII classes, I don't plan on changing them a whole lot.
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    Non-core 3.5 base classes, Pathfinder ready! (but you know, still work in progress)

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    Quote Originally Posted by thisisaspace View Post
    I was more keen on working on the Ninja since it was the less popular choice...
    I was actually thinking about how the ninja should be reworked, since I realize how messed up it really is (Ki Dodge just seems so less powerful when you can already turn invisable)

    But then again, I'm a little too early to be thinking about reworking a class

    I imagine a ninja class having more class abilities that distrupt the enemy with some classic ninja tricks (or at least give you more chances to use sudden strike). Maybe like a class ability that lets you switch place with an ally, or to make an illusionary copy of yourself. Use Magic Device should also be a class skill, since real world ninjas worked by making people THINK they had supernatural powers.

    But this of course is my opinion, your the one reworking everything ^^

    Also, I'm curious if you are thinking of changing the Swashbuckler class any
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    I have tried a couple times to put my ideas into words, but I am too tired. I will explain in the morning, but what I invision for the Ninja is giving him some minor Spell Like Abilities that require material components. Abilities such as flash powders, powders that blind/confuse/other status effect enemies, etc. The way I see it working (fluff wise) is taking a material that COULD cause a minor effect, but the Ninja is so awesome that the minor effect is something extraordinary. I also see some of the more well known items coming into play (like tanglefoot bags) etc.

    For Pathfinder, these (in my half sleep drunk state) would be added similar to Rouge Talents.


    Ninja Talents: As a Ninja gains experience, she learns
    a number of talents that aid her and confound her foes.
    Starting at 2nd level, a Ninja gains one Ninja talent. She
    gains an additional rogue talent for every 2 levels of rogue
    attained after 2nd level. A rogue cannot select an individual
    talent more than once. Each Talent require material components. Quick Draw feat allows you to use talents as a swift(?) action.
    Flash Bang: Creatures within 30 feet of the ninja, that can see the ninja, are temporarily blinded (x number of rounds). Work stealth and movement into here somehow.
    Stink Powder: Creatures within 15ft cone of Ninja are sickened/nauseated.
    Clinging Ooze: Similar to tanglefoot bag.
    Lotus Dust: Creatures in 15ft cone are (status effect, something similar to that ninja scene in Batman Begins). that I say that I am giving up I THINK (hence the caps) my statement was more coherent, though I know I am missing several key points I should make.

    This has always been my view for a Ninja revision, but that is just my vision. Based on the work I have seen so far I am sure you will come up with something much more awesome.

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    I will likely increase the number of Ki they get per day, and have their talents do extra things if they spend some Ki. These are all very good ideas guys.
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    Non-core 3.5 base classes, Pathfinder ready! (but you know, still work in progress)

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