The first segment of the Castle Triskelion Mega-Dungeon has published!

The Castle Triskelion is a sprawling multi-level castle/dungeon that has numerous levels above and below ground! This free supplement for Old School role-playing games is being published in segments. The first two segments are the Introduction and the Ground Level. Click either image to navigate to the & Magazine web site:

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The Introduction provides background on the Castle, including new monsters and items.

The Ground Level is the first module in this exciting series — it details the ground level (1st floor) of the Castle in 20 stimulating pages. This first segment is designed for low level adventurers. As with all mega-dungeons, the level of future segments will ramp up along side of the character’s level.

Stay tuned for more segments!

The Castle Triskelion mega-dungeon is written by Tim Stypinski, and is published through the & Publishing Group web site.