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    & Magazine is published four times a year and is part of the & Publishing Group. The magazine’s tagline, “Filling in the Gaps for Old School Gamers,” summarizes the mission of the periodical: to feature fan-driven content for older editions of AD&D (primarily first edition) including fiction, editorials, and a variety of game aids such as new monsters, spells, and character classes; rules variants; adventure maps; and original adventures.

    In each free, theme-based issue of this old-school magazine, we aim to provide ideas, perspectives, entertainment, thought-provoking articles and game aids for both the player and the dungeon master. From fantasy fiction to original adventures to new spells and magic items to game theory—& is aimed at delivering useful content for early editions of Dungeons & Dragons.

    Why do we call it &? Dungeon and Dragon Magazines provided an enormous wealth for the game we know and love, but they didn’t exhaust the possibilities. We’re looking to fill in the gaps in the original books by presenting additional viewpoints and angles, reflecting the very concept of the & character.

    So we invite you to download our free issues and enjoy!

    And remember: We welcome submissions, so if you have an original article you’d like our readers to see, please see here Submissions for guidelines.

    If you have any questions please hit me up at and I can help you out.

    Remember we are always free and I'm sure you'll find something in our pages that you like.

    Click on the picture below to see our ad for the next issue!


    Be well,
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    & Magazine Issue 7 Is Now Available!

    The & Publishing Group announces their seventh issue, an issue focused on the Inner Planes. Read an article offering DMs and players tips on surviving the elemental planes, read about expanded elementals including the true elementals, and visit a parallel prime material plane where the creatures of Doom and Doom ][ reside. We’ve also got a revision of the archer and archer/ranger classes from Len Lakofka, a new look at saving throws, and an interview with Vince Florio of the Roll for Initiative podcast and the OSR Gaming forum, along with other articles and our regular columns.

    There’s also adventures, creatures, foes, maps, and other useful materials we feel you’d enjoy, along with the usual things you’ve come to expect from &, so download it today and feast your eyes on 92 pages of new material for your OSR game!

    Available now at

    And if you’re interested in OSR gaming, check out our mailing lists – and_chat is a list for general discussion of things First Edition, while andart is a list for artists interested in submitting artwork, and and_writers is for those who’d like to submit articles to us or discuss the running of a fanzine or the craft of article and column writing. To subscribe, send the word "subscribe" and a password in the subject or body of a message to the correct mailing list: for the chat list for the writers list for the artists list

    & Magazine -- Filling in the gaps for old school gamers

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    Hey all! Please check out Smoldering Wizard's review of & Magazine here:

    Please remember to check out our free downloads for your old school game here:

    And let me know what you think. Thanks.

    Be well everyone and happy gaming!

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    Hola everyone!!
    BtB folk need not apply , & Magazine is starting a new regular feature called "House Rules" exploring the modifications various AD&D 1st edition groups make to the rules to make them more fun for them. Through this we hope to expose the community to alternative points of view on what the rules are and mean, and perhaps give you some ideas to incorporate in your campaign.
    We cannot do this without your help though, so we are looking for submissions from the community. If you are interested in being featured please send a copy of your house rules and a brief write up on your group (IE played together since - usually play at - seeking members / or not - and other info you deem pertinent) to .
    Thank you for reading and thanks for any help!

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    What is this monster???

    An & editor saw and really liked a picture the artist, John Fredericks, drew and posted on his web site. When asked if we could use it for & Magazine, John indicated it was an iconic monster from Star Frontiers and he was concerned there would be a trademark violation if we used it.
    Fair enough.
    The & Publishing Group strives to observe both the letter and the spirit of the law, so we switched to Plan B. What is Plan B you ask?
    The picture above is Plan B. John drew this, not the same as, but inspired by his original drawing. He calls it the harpoonapus. Is it a malevolent intelligence? Is it a benign animal?
    Is it an organic dust mop? What is it???
    THAT is the question we ask of our dear supporters what is this thing?
    YOU decide what this creature is. Good, evil, in between? Huge (10' across), tiny (3"), or in between?
    Intelligent or non-intelligent? Is it from the Prime Material Plane? Is it from an Alternate Prime Material Plane? Is it from an elemental plane, or from an outer plane?
    Tell us what you think!
    Name the monster and provide its statistics and a basic description (one to two pages). Send your result to
    The staff will vote for their favorite, and we will publish the favorite two or three in a future issue of & Magazine!
    Many thanks to our fine readers, and we hope you find this enjoyable!
    Be well and happy gaming,
    & Publishing Group

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    & Magazine news:

    Issue 8 is due to come out this Saturday, February 15th no matter rain, nor sleet, nor even more snow!
    The focus of this issue is Urban Adventures!
    What could be more urban than druids trekking around in town, or monster hirelings… someone’s gotta do the dirty work. But then again, the name of the game is Dungeons & Dragons; nothing can do more damage in town than a dragon. Here’s Del Teigeler’s awesome rendition of a dragon visiting a town near you. Enjoy and read & Magazine! Thank you.

    & Publishing Group

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    & Magazine Issue 8 Now Available!

    The & Publishing Group announces their eight issue, an issue focused on the urban adventures! This issue's features include articles about monsters in the city, adventuring as a business, druids in the city (and dungeons), games of chance for adventurers, a mini-campaign setting, a new PC class, and all of the new monsters, NPCs, spells, and adventures our readers have come to expect.

    We also announce a new column, Tactical Magic, that examines facets of spell casting to find better and more interesting ways to use things we already have.

    Download Issue 8 today and feast your eyes on 96 pages of new material for your OSR game! Available now at

    & Magazine -- Filling in the gaps for old school gamers

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    The hosts of the Roll for Initiative Podcast, the original AD&D podcast, spent a show reviewing our latest issue - Urban Adventuring!
    I think they liked it, but listen for yourself:
    Then check out Issue 8 to see if you agree or not:
    Be well and thanks for reading!

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    Are you going to Gary Con? Sadly I am not, but & Magazine is!!!

    At the Black Blade Publishing booth is where you'll be able to find & .

    BBP has put together hard copies of recent issues of & Magazine for all to peruse and to be given away for FREE! There are also promotional cards available showing off the intensely high quality that the Art Team brings to & Magazine.

    We are so proud to be working with Black Blade Publishing who are honoring our commitment to being a free resource for AD&D (and earlier) gamers and immensely proud to be a small part of Gary Con this year. We know everyone attending will have a wonderful time, and we want to thank Gary Con for helping to keep the wonder and enjoyment of the games we all play together alive.

    Some pictures I wanted to share of the items being given away and, with regards to the hard copies of the magazine, raffled off. Click on thumbs for the bigger picture:

    Thanks everyone for downloading and happy gaming!

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    Hey everyone, I wanted to post about our newest free issue. Please let me know where else is best to post the news, I'd like to get the word out. And definitely, please, let me know what you think about it. Any suggestions would be more than appreciated!

    & Magazine Issue 9 Now Available!

    The & Publishing Group announces their ninth issue, an issue focused on spells and spell casters! This issue's features include articles about spontaneous spell casting, an alternative memorization system, an introduction to Vancian magic, new monsters, and new spells. We also feature an interview with Ernie Gygax, new weapons, new NPCs, and of course -- new magic items!

    We also announce two new columns! BrewMaster examines building your own campaign, while The Gaming Gourmet is all about feeding hungry gamers. There's also a free preview for the Fighting Fire benefit module.

    Download Issue 9 today and feast your eyes on 96 pages of new material for your OSR game! Available now at

    & Magazine -- Filling in the gaps for old school gamers

    Thanks so much!
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