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Thread: 3.5e D&D Character Creation

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    Ah, so as I did roll for starting gold and choose my own feats means I will build from scratch, right. It's just that with starting gold you can hardly buy more than some leather armor and possible sword. Not very paladin like =)
    Well, I am sure I will get gold after first game. It's just that I need get in some game first of all. Though I am still going trough rulebooks, not feeling comfortable of my skills playing a game without "tutor".
    Anyway, thanks for quick answer wilsford =)

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    No problem, Sunflame. A paladin's starting gold is 6d4x10. That's up to a possible 240gp. If you choose not to roll and instead just take the listed average (150gp), that's still enough for a 50gp sword, 25gp studded leather, and 75gp left over. That's good for a Level 1 character.

    Hopefully you end up in my Pathfinder class. Then you'll be able to play a game with a tutor present. In response to the question you edited into your Admissions post, the 3.5 SRD and D&Dtools are both very helpful websites that eliminate your need for most books.

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    Oh it's 6d4x10 ? in the hand book it says 6d4 gp. which after the roll I thought would be 44 gold.

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    Yup. Pg.111. 6d4x10.

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    hmr infamous page 46 strikes again XD

    Hrmh, where I do get d4 dice homever? Have only d6 and few bigger ones XD
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    You could always use the Official Die Roller Testing Thread right here on the site. Here's a tutorial on how to use it. You'll never need dice again.

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    Hrmh, can't seem get code working =/

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    You seem to have typed it in correctly. Give it a few more tries. And remember that previewing the post or editing the post makes rolls not work.

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    Oh so I can't edit the old post to get it work? Need make it work on one go, sheehs XD

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    Default hrmh. not sure about the possessions weights right or I am silly?

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