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Thread: Crescent Knight (D&D 3.5 Base Class)

  1. Default Crescent Knight (D&D 3.5 Prestige Class)

    The Crescent Knight is a fighter who specializes in "crescent-shaped" weapons rather than the standard sword or axe fighter.

    (Changed to Prestige Class)


    Feats: Weapon Focus (crescent weapon*), Weapon Specialization (crescent weapon*)

    Base Attack Bonus: +6

    Special: Must have been inducted into the Order of the Crescent Moon by another member.


    BAB: As Fighter

    Saves: Good Fortitude (As Fighter), Poor Reflex (As Fighter), Good Willpower (As Cleric)

    Weapon/Armor proficiencies: Crescent Knights gain no additional Weapon/Armor Proficiencies.

    Skills: 2+Int Modifier (Class Skills are the same as a Fighter)

    1st level: Crescent Mastery +1

    2nd level: Bonus Feat

    3rd level: Improved Trip

    4th level: Bonus Feat

    5th level: Crescent Mastery +2

    Crescent Mastery: At 1st level, a Crescent Knight gains a +1 circumstance bonus on attack and damage rolls when using a weapon classified as a "crescent" weapon. This bonus increases to +2 at 5th level.

    Improved Trip: A Crescent Knight of at least 3rd level is treated as having the Improved Trip feat when wielding a Crescent weapon, even if they do not meet the requirements for it.

    * - A "Crescent" weapon is any weapon that has a noticeable curve in the blade, or is designed to assist with tripping attacks. This includes, but is not limited to the following weapons: Scythes, Sickles, Kukris, Ranseurs, Scimitars, and Guisarmes.
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    Hey guys. I'm just here as support and backup for Knightfox; I'm really interested in this campaign, and have enjoyed helping him set it up so far. Looking forward to this getting started. I would like to mention that we are wanting to see good relationships develop between the characters (whether they like each other or not) as they will need to function as a team to be successful in any measure. Knightfox mentioned 2 paragraphs of backstory, and I would prefer it be a quality 2 paragraphs. Not saying you need to be a published author, but your Character is a certified badass with a ton of history at this point, make us believe it. Thanks people!

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    Psst, I think you're in the wrong forum there buddy. This isn't a Knightfox game, it's something else. Just letting ya know.
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