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    Hello everyone, and welcome to today's eddition of Neonivek's bazaar. For those who don't know how I do this, I list atleast three items every week and then you may comment on them.

    This week however is special and in light of the New Tangled Bazaar I shall repost all my old items for those who have never gazed upon them. Sorry if some of these items do not have prices, my goal is to have a price.

    Lastly, You are allowed to refute item prices, as long as it is done in a polite way. (and reasons as well as a correction is GREATLY appreciated)

    Goblet of slime: Magic item (trap): The goal of the would be dungeon crafter is thinking of newer more ingenious ways in order to trap and ensnare enemies. This is a cruel invention unremarkably created by a great gnome sorcerer but has been in circulation ever since.

    When activated the liquid in this goblet becomes a grew slime (However note that the grey slime does not actually have to be grey). The danger comes from the actual activation of the goblet itself, unless a arcane or magic eye is attached to it a somatic component is required which is to put ones lips to the cup in a drinking motion. To do this without searing to be instantly being attacked requires a reflex save (20) or a slight of hand (15) and allows you to cause the slime to appear up to 30 feet away assuming no cover. If one does not know the cup has this ability it requires the same saves except 5 points higher. The slime will attack the closest target. This object usually appears as a golden goblet encrusted with jewels with a liquid, usually wine, appearing inside.
    Price: Pending

    Magic Boulder: Magic item: Current Anthropologists do not believe a actual ogre created this object due to its fancy and quite smooth design as well as the complex energies used to create this. No they believe a humanoid mage sought out the rock ogre tribe and infused them with great magical object. However much later when the tribe fell and the mage was nowhere to be found, assumed to be eaten by the ogres he aided, these items been introduced to the mainstream.

    This object counts as a simple throw able object. When thrown this normal rock sized object becomes a large boulder and smashed upon enemies and then reforms back into a small rock in your hand. It deals 2d6 smashing damage and has a +2 to hit due to its large size and is too large to be caught by a medium or smaller creature with arrow deflection feat. This object appears to be a small stone with a spherical orb with arcane draconic symbols planted upon it.
    Price: Pending

    Horn of empty: Cursed item: Such vial creatures always seeking to harm poor adventurers. This item has fallen even the most well equipped parties and have defeated even the most powerful wizards by attacking the one thing they never bother to protect.

    Upon touching the horn it will destroy all food owned by him and his party within 30 feet and do it again every hour or delayed if there is no food to destroy. Just by carrying it even within a portable hold or bag of holding the carrier will require twice the amount of food as usual. This object appears as a horn of plenty and due to the way the magic functions upon it, it requires a knowledge: Arcana of (15) just to know it is cursed after a detect curse spell. (Without the skill it is impossible)
    Price: Pending

    Vial Horn of Empty: Cursed item: Those fiends have improved upon the old design and created something that even speaking the name puts fear into all desperate adventurers. Most of those who use this die of starvation or scurvy.

    This horn creates food however the food creates no sustenance and it fills the bellies of those who eat the food tricking them into believing that they have actually quenched their hunger and thirst. The bright side is that unlike its ancestor it can be detected like most cursed objects. This item appears exactly like a horn of plenty.
    Price: Pending

    Trial of Justice: Minor Artifact: We find the man guilty your honor… A pure incarnation of the justice system in certain lawful cities this hammer cuts down foes only if proof of guilt can be found.

    This hammer if active grants a +5 war hammer with a extra +2d6 of blunt damage. However you must find absolute proof of a crime. Crimes do include attacking. This object unfortunately includes mental ability to commit the crime thus only sane creatures with a intelligent score of at least 3 can be effected. This appears as a oversized wooden judge gavel.

    Magic Roses: Magic item: Grown from nature soaking up rivers of magic they eventually start to take on magic of their own. In eternal beauty unhinged by the forces of time many have sought out these for this very reason. Legends of whole bouquets of them or druidic gardens brimmed with these magical roses bless the world.

    Each kind of rose has a different effect, they can take any item slot in the core rule book except for armor and weapon though only one may be equipped at a time. When equipped the rose will implant itself in the wearer’s flesh and serve a symbiotic relationship. Elementals, undead, constructs, oozes, creatures without a physical body, and creatures with a active passive ability that harms the living (such as a flaming body) cannot equip it for it will kill the rose. The actual implanting and removal process fells even slightly comfortable if not eerie. Note however that these roses are living and cannot survive outside of soul or flesh for more then 24 hours though water can lengthen this time to a week.
    White: Protection from cold, +5 to survival
    Black: Darkvision 60 feet, glows if user is under a negative effect.
    Red: +2 strength, protection from heat.
    Green: +2 constitution, Regeneration (1)
    Blue: +2 intelligence, +5 knowledge: Royalty
    Violet: +2 dexterity, +2 deflection AC
    Yellow: Can use sunlight as foods. +5 to Climb checks
    Silver: +2 charisma, +5 diplomacy
    Gold: +2 wisdom, Three extra turning
    Red with Gold spots: Cursed… will deal 1d6 constitution damage and a additional 1d6 con every minute until pulled off. It can survive on undead bodies.
    Price: Pending

    Crown of roses: Woven from groups of magically infused flowers, these have been a status symbol as much as it is magical. Fae and druids keep these close to them and only bestow these upon the most worthy of adventurers. However it isn’t that uncommon to see these stolen for the allure of such a priceless object tempts even the most humble of adversaries.

    Unlike the magic roses these do, infact, take the helmet slot and can last up to a year without soil or flesh befor dying. They cannot be equipped with the magic rose as well.
    White: Pass without a trace, Protection from cold, +5 Animal training
    Black: Dark vision (120), immunity to curse effects
    Red: +5 Strength, Protection from heat, Great cleave feat.
    Green: +5 constitution, Regeneration (1), immunity to poisons and disease
    Blue: +5 intelligence, +10 to knowledge: Royalty, +10 Spell craft.
    Violet: +5 Dexterity, +4 deflection AC
    Yellow: Sustenance, No need to sleep, +10 to climb
    Silver: +5 charisma, charm 3 times per day, +10 diplomacy, +10 Bluff
    Gold: +5 wisdom, 6 extra turning, +1 turning
    Red with gold spots: Cursed… 1d6+1 constitution damage per round and requires strength check of (23) to pull off. Can survive on dead bodies.
    Price: Pending

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    HEY!!! Where's the pet rock!!!??? This list is surely incomplete... you had a shizload of items!!!!!
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    Part 2:

    Ring of the dragon: Magic Item: It goes without saying that some of the mightiest creatures ever to exist are the dragons. Many have coveted to try to share in their greatness or to become them and now it has been harnessed. It is nearly impossible to find this mighty ring beyond the cost. Due to this fake or weaker versions of this have been created.

    This item transforms the user into a Adult dragon with no additional Hit points.
    Note: This was created upon request… though I admit I cannot remember who asked
    Price: Pending (may be a Major artifact)

    Garish ring of the dragon: Magic item: A fake, a copy, and not even a good one at that. This item is a obviously failed attempt to harness dragon might. However it took a great man, unfortunately it wasn’t a woman in this case, to see the greatness of this artifact.

    Upon activating the ring your flesh begins to change as a transformation which takes a hour happens. The character is considered Nauseated while this is happening and if willed the transformation will instantly stopped. Though this experience is more uncomfortable then painful the final results gives the person a draconic appearance, him items will mould into his new shape (for example: Platemail will include a section for his tail). He will gain Claws, Fangs, and a tail. They will grow wings however it is only capable of slowing a fall. the person gains +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom as the new attribute racial bonus. Person also gains a Breath weapon. Though simply activating this ring may have been hard, taking it off is much more difficult.
    Price: Pending

    Berserk Orc Belt: Minor Artifact: Insane, Orcs have long been famous for their insane like anger that allows them to push themselves to the limit for a all in one attack. Well a famous Orc Shaman has taken their ability and made it even more potent.

    This item can only be used by a Orc Barbarian. It activates when a Orc Barbarian uses Rage. The Orc becomes a literal mass of muscles gaining a stackable +5 strength and weapons are considered 1 size larger for the sake of damage. The Orc may use Fortitude for any saving throw while in this effect. However once the rage wears off the Orc goes into severe spasms as his muscles retract to their normal size, this takes up to a hour and causes the Orc to fall unconscious and sleep uncontrollably for 8 hours.
    Price: Pending

    Loam’s Lichen tailored Cloak: Magic Item: Loam a mighty druid of nature specialised in plants and was able to create living capes out of moss of superior quality such that to outshine even the most masterful of capes and cloaks, However the value in this object is not simply to have a moss woven cloak it actually connects the wearer with the moss itself allowing him to take much needed sustenance from it. When loam died at the hands of thieves, this things were stolen and eventually sold on the black market and replicated.

    When it is day time the cloak supplies sustenance and energy. The requirement to eat and drink is eliminated as well as at least 8 hours of outdoor exposure is exhibited. However storm or greater conditions as well as night or darkness cancel out this effect and dense clouds double the amount of time required. This cloak also grants a +5 bonus to hide in areas with plants and includes from the scent ability unless it is to smell moss. Along with the above abilities it also during direct daylight allows rest equal to that of sleep during a light march or less, and decreases a heavy march to a light and running to a heavy march. However mages still need 8 hours of rest separate from this Cloak’s effects.
    *Mages refer to Wizards and any other class with similar requirements to prepare spells*
    Note: Old name "Loam's Moss woven cloak"
    Price: Pending

    Extract of Second wind: Magic item: Taken from athletes as they just urge themselves further gnomish magicians harnessed the essence and sold it on the market. However it was not quite as popular as it would seem…

    Upon ingesting this fluid the user will have fatigued and higher status removed assuming that it is possible for it to be removed from “Proper

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    Part 3

    Ring of Self: Magic item: Sometimes the struggle to remain ones self is the tough and arduous one. However Sorcerers who gain their powers simply by being themselves so to speak and created this ring.

    The Ring of Self supplies the wearer with a +2/+5 save to any effect where the attempt is the make the user behave or become anything he isn’t. This includes charm and polymorph effects. However this prevents him from choosing to intentionally allow these effects as well so Growth spells will be resisted. This however does not include any spell that brings the person back to normality.
    Price: Pending

    Lens of the ray: Magic item: Scorching ray will always have a special place in our heart and also in this item. A wizard who loved no spell better created this out of the pure joy he had for it. Now though it is mostly used for apprentices to get more out of their magic then they are able to.

    When Scorching ray is focused through the Lens two effects can be obtained depending on which end it is done through which should be marked or memorised prior or else it requires a 1d2 to determine what side he actually done it on. One side amplifies the scorching ray adding a extra 3d6 fire damage. The other side also amplifies but also dilutes causing the ray to become a cone. Only Scorching ray works on this, any other spell can pass through but will be as if it was cast upon ordinary glass.
    Price: Pending

    Rapier of Elegance: Magic Weapon: Pure majesty is the rapier, as fast as the dagger and as graceful as a ballet. This is considered to be the perfect idea of the rapier by nobles and is often given as the prize for grand fencing tournaments. However only the best can think of using this.

    This is a +3 Rapier of speed with a extra +1d6 piercing damage. Its other abilities can only be used if the person has weapon finesse. First the Rapier allows you to deflect one arrow per round as with the deflect arrow feat except you may use the rapier itself to do so. Second it gives a +1 Insight bonus to AC by predicting the attacks before they come (must be drawn). Lastly once per day you do an attack with +20 Ac as with true strike. It appears like a silver foil type rapier with silver angel wings enveloping the hilt.
    Price: Pending

    Essence of Depression: Magic item: Essences are a famous ingrediant in many magical items… but few ever actually use them. Originally used for cursed items the essence of depression in pure form can be quite formidable. Unfortunately actually obtaining it is difficult because it only exists as a crafting ingredient.

    When the subject is injured or ingests this they will suffer from a -2 morality detriment to AC and Hit unless they can get a will save of 15. This lasts every hour until a successful save is made. This can be rubbed onto a weapon. This is a greyish liquid that seems to drain the color out of everything around it. Overdoses in which a whole bottle is ingested or injected can be quite deadly, will save 20 or be considered nauseated every hour until a successful save is made.
    Price: Pending

    Mosquito of illness: Magic item: No one actually knows where this item came from, it just was sold to a random shop one day, Though appraisal experts believe that a spy who was never caught made these. Today only the ingenious and consistently good spies use this. There are rumors that several clubs use this to initiate new members.

    A person aims the mosquito at someone and it will prick someone and then return to the user. It cannot be swatted to death. If the person pricked fails at a fortitude save of 10/15/20 they will become very ill ending in five minutes, further more if they get under 5/10/15 they will become ill for a long time as well as suffering even greater effects up to the DM’s choice. The illnesses range from the stomach flu and many similar bowl effecting illnesses. This item looks like a mosquito though upon closer inspection it is much smoother then a natural one. Overall the mosquito is next to useless in battle.
    *DM notes: Do not allow this if vomiting and other effects would take attention away from the fun or vision of the game. Secondly the illnesses have no in battle effects however it is enough to cause a change of the guards, but it is not enough to make anyone who seriously wishes to stay on duty to take a leave or anyone but the sickest of people to die of illeness. DMs should treat this as unless the person has a somewhat serious reason not to use the facilities then even the most battle torn warrior or willpower paragon monk will most likely deal with it.*
    Price: Pending

    Eye lens of premonition: Magic item: Mya the great oracle of a small island community was known for her great insight. However following the tradition of most oracles she was once again a fake relying on items of power to make her predictions come true.

    This takes up a glasses slot. Upon wearing this item the user can see attacks split seconds before it happens granting a +1/2/3 insight bonus and the ability to cast one divination spell per day as if it was a extraordinary ability (hence why Mya got away with it so long). When not worn it appears as a circular eye molded disk with the reflection of what is going to happen split seconds before, worn it is unnoticeable. Rumors hold that in the right hands this can allow or even enhance visions.
    Price: Pending

    Stair Arrows: Mundane item: Climbing has always been difficult but many unfortunate people have tried the doomed solution of using weak flimsy arrows to try to hold their weight. Then this came, though terrible in combat this has lent many would be dead adventurers another chance to die from the monster protecting the high tower.

    These are -2 arrows that are 1 pound each but can hold 500 pounds as well. Creative adventurers will use this on walls to make a ladder or staircase. They are made of metal but wooden ones are also made but can hold only half as much. One should note that when seeing whether or not someone will break the arrow that their weight not just their object’s weight is counted.
    Price: Pending

    Dark Star: Artifact: Created by the constant unfulfilled hopes and dreams of the ages this object of pure decadence attempts to make all those around it have their dream ultimately unfulfilled. It appears as a shining radiance of darkness and feels like a small ball of constantly pushing force about five centimeters in diameter it can however be squeezed as small as one.
    The dark star makes all limited wishes, wishes, and miracles completely ineffective fifty feet of the dark star and anything outside that range casting the spell into range I.e. A mage that casts a wished lightning bolt outside the 50 feet into the range of the dark star. However at a cost the dark star gives a luck bonus to AC and Base hit of -1 (stackable) and if the DM plans on any unfortunate event to befall a player then it will most of the time happen to the one holding the dark star. Some rumors exist that the darkstar can also cancel a wish once it has been made.
    Cost: Priceless
    Materials: All the unfulfilled hopes and dreams of humans for a thousand years

    Emetic Amulet: Mundane Item: Are you tired of gigantic monsters swallowing you whole? Are your children constantly on the bottom of the food chain? Or do you just have a friend who will eat anything? Well this is for you!!! This object appears as a wooden circular amulet with a spherical red amber stone in the center.
    When an enemy tries to use a swallow whole attack on you it must succeed at a fortitude or will save of 15 (Whatever is highest). If they fail then they will proceed to regurgitate you and most likely will not attempt a swallow whole on you afterward, this item does not work on constructs or undead. Aberrations and plants may apply at Dm’s discretion. It does not count as a poison so poison immunity does not apply.
    Cost: 1000 (Open for debate)
    Materials: Rare plants and fruits prepared by a master herbologist.

    Vulgar Belt of Might:Minor Magic Item: During the early years of magic many of those who worked with magic might did not know how to get certain outcomes out of some items and thus they improvised. Though this item is not as old it is however improvised. It appears as a slightly tattered but however still in tact belt of Giant strength.
    Those who don this belt will undergo a series of change that take a whole day to fully complete. The person eventually retains porcine features and unpleasant habits such as flatulence. After the transformation is complete though the change is permanent until the belt is discarded and a remove curse or equally more powerful spell is applied, because this is half-reliant on the form polymorph cancels out the bonuses as well. This object increases the wearers strength by +2, +3, or +4 but decreased their charisma by -1, -2, or -3.
    Cost: 3500 Gp, 5000 Gp, 7000 Gp.
    Materials: The hide of 20 beast of burdens, sweat of a person who is strongest of ten thousand, Tusk of the rare yellow golden boar.
    Note: This has a bit of history… I created this when I asked the question “How embarrassing does a good magic item have to be for someone not to use it?

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    Part 4

    The Home maker: Magic Item: Far far away in a realm haunted by everyday chores, a land with dust bunnies, grime, and scum. A land that cried out for a hero… Only a maid cried out to battle the forces of uncleanlyness. The Homemaker was actually created by otherworldly beings that with nearly endless resources created this object and entrusted it to their army of Maids. However with their homes completely empty of filth the maids soon began their quest and eventually made their way to our home plane. The maid’s legendary weapon “The Home maker

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    Part 5 (Yes this actually gone on for a whole)

    Wetsuit of the frog: Magic item (maybe artifact): surprisingly this was only taken from the ogre cult but was infact made by a rather insane hag who lived in the swarm of sorrow.

    Upon wearing this the user’s skin appears that of a frog, the user receives the ability to hold their breath for a extra 10 minutes. Along with that they receive a competence bonus of +10 to jump and swim. Along the downsides this suit lowers fortitude checks by 2 for poisons absorbed through the skin and treats any material that required to be swallowed to absorb through the skin (Potion and poison alive). The suit may be removed at any time. It appears to be a frog colored full body wetsuit with a silk like feel and a froglike texture. It uses the Shirt slot.
    Materials: Frog skin, Thread of a giant spider, Slime of a Cube, Essense of slime, a ball of water and air.
    Cost: 18000 (debatable)

    Hound Helm: Magic item: Used to belong to the “Hound dogs

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    I think the living rock would make a nice wizard or sorcerer familiar..very goodfor RP (crazy mage talks to rock). Maybe it coudl give toughness or a fort save bonus....

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    or maybe the crazy mages could throw it in anger as a ranged weapon and it would appear back at his feet? anywya, these are some mad kewl items, but is that all of them Neo, i dont remember how many you had on the last forum, but it was as Ao said, a Shizload.
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    Well it isn't all of them I have... but I kept away ones that didn't have money costs or material costs or balance in anyway.


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