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Thread: Chapter 66.4 The Forest Temple of Illkur

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    The Father interjected, "You will need to speak to High Priest Zadok about this matter." Turning to one of his remaining attendants, the Father said, "Please Send for him." The attendant cleric nodded and prayed to Illkur for the gift of Sending and shortly replied, "He is on his way." The Father looked back to Althir, "Please continue."

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    Cormack remains quiet, listening to the exchange. He does raise an eyebrow when he's referred to as "sir"

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    Sitting patiently, the Father continued to wait for Althir to continue, or someone else to continue.

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    Cormack, never one to abide a lull in conversation unless he's lost in his own thoughts, clears his throat.

    "I must correct my companion on one matter, that being my title. I am not a knight of the realm, only a scholar. I am relatively new to these lands.

    "While we wait for the High Priest and for my friends to find the cloth, may I ask a question of you, namely what is the significance of these weapons, beyond their obvious power, and who is it that can wield them?"

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    Ivar will give over the cloth.

    But he is happy letting Althir do the talking.
    Corn canít expect justice from a court composed of chickens.

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    Answering Cormack, "As you say, beyond their obvious significance, I do not know," replied the Father. "I believe they were made before the Seven Days of Fire, so any knowledge of why they were made, and by whom, is unknown--at least to me."

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    Althir watched as Ivar handed Father Bjirnsson. "As I was saying, this cloth, is a clue to who may murdered Runt. Perhaps someone who saw the event. We think the cloth might be from an acolyte."

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    Rolling the cloth over in his hands, "You may be right, but I do not recognize this cloth--I am not a seamstress. Perhaps when High Priest Zadok comes, he can enlighten us."

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    As the group contemplates what was just said, an acolyte opens the same far door that the Father and his attendants entered through, but this time it is High Priest Zadok that enters and assumes a position next to the Father after said Father motions for one of his attendants to step aside. Handing him the cloth, the Father is specific in relating the concerns of the Moonlit Swords and is very conscious of not making it an accusation. Zadok looks at it carefully and says, "Not an acolyte (1st level), but perhaps a novice in training (0 level)." Looking at the Father and then to the Moonlit Swords, Zadok explained, "As many here know, my chapel was small, as was it's clergy and congregation. There was only I, two acolytes and two novices. I would trust my life to my two acolyte's that had traveled with me to here, to his forest temple and village of Creylorton, but of the two novices, I do not know. Neither traveled with us to this temple, and I found it quite odd that they both had decided to forgo their training and instead stay in Jasrel and seek out the Temple of Ceara for their future plans--at least that what the letter left for me said."

    There was a brief pause as he contemplated something, then he continued, "When the chapel was shutdown by the King, and we were forced to find other accommodations, of which there was very little, it didn't seem odd at the time. Only a third of the congregation came here to the Forest Temple, so it didn't surprise me when the novices also quit the fold, but now that I think about it, Elsinore didn't seem like the kind who would have quit, she was very kind and very devout to Illkur. The other novice, Merrick, still had many questions and became quite angered when the temple was shutdown, but then again, he always had anger issues that slowly were being lessened as he learned the ways of Illkur--but still, it is odd." Not knowing what to do with the scrap of cloth, he held it out to the Moonlit Swords after the Father indicated he should.

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    Althir studied the High Priest. His demeanor seemed to have changed with the change in location. Still, the fendari listened carefully.
    Althir stepped forward and accepted the cloth. "Thank you very much for the information." The warlock bowed to High Priest Zadok. "You said the two novices decided to stay in Jasrel. Could their decision have been influenced by family ties to the city?"

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