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Thread: Chapter 66 OOC

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    cool .. its still a foot in the very drunken door at least.

    I could always do a sending to His Majesty and politely ask for his High Priests attendance .... if needs be.
    Corn canít expect justice from a court composed of chickens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luopo View Post
    Correct. You need to be familiar with him, not just know him, per the spell. I've posted the definition of familiar, so it should come as no surprise.
    When I first read the sending spell I never thought it would be overly useful. Clearly I was wrong.

    As a DM, I don't know why but there is very little I dislike as much as replying to a sending. I don't know why. It's not even when I view them as overpowered. I hate the 25 word limit to convey what the character would say during it.

    Anyway, I understand the nerf. It clearly won't affect Axar (directly).

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    still waiting on cormack's input?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luopo View Post
    still waiting on cormack's input?
    I certainly would value it. If not, I think there is enough input to head to Rydertown and check on Jaxson's new family abode. If Cormack wants to give the Conduit knowledge away to possibly gain one himself more quickly, there are enough people on that fence that we would probably go back and try to accommodate him. He just needs to speak up.
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