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Thread: Chapter 65.1 Liu's Gift and Pawn Shop

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    Deciding to chase after the clue that Capo had given them, the quartet of Axar, Althir, Cormack and Hildegard head out and seek out Liu's gift and pawn shop. The group winds its way through the myriad of streets and come upon the area known as the Edge. There is almost a physical demarcation with the way the buildings are designed--those on the Edge seemed much older and decrepit. Soon enough the group was standing outside Liu's.

    When Althir entered, the little bell rang above the door. Liuís Pawn and Gift shop was interesting to say the least. There were all manner of items in the shop, ranging from very nice furniture, to a two headed goblin baby in a jar of formaldehyde. Liu, a woman in her late fifties and of obvious Shinai ancestry, sat behind the counter and greeted Althir upon entering, "Hello honey! How can I help you?"

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    Althir replied, "We're seekers and traders of uncommon items." The warlock wondered how many magic items had made their ways through the shop. The fendari considered this might be the place to pursue books for his library.

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    She waved him forward, "What you got, honey?"

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    Althir replied, "I have a ring, it's called the Ring of Hastur."

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    "Hmm," she said through his reading glasses. Motioning for Althir to hand it over for inspection, "You sell? How much you want?"

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    Althir handed the ring over to the woman. "We want information."

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    Her eyes became slits, "What kind of information, honey?" she replies as she holds the ring in her fingers.

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    Althir says, "Perhaps you have information about the priestess of Zeul and her wizard ally?"

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    "You'll need to be a bit more specific, honey," She replied.

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    Althir said, "Do you know more than one priestess of Zeul? Here's what I know. There is a priestess of Zeul who is using detect magic to find magical items and then stealing the items and if the item is powerful enough using force. She has a wizard ally. We know that one she used swordsmen, archers, and poison. We also know that in another attack they utilized archers with poison tipped arrows."

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