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Thread: You can't take the sky from me

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    Default You can't take the sky from me

    • Campaign name: You can't take the sky from me
    • Description: A hybridizationof traditional pathfinder and joss whedon's "FireFly" tv show. the party will be taking the place of smugglers trying to get by in a a galaxy that has no place for hero's, where if the iron fist of the monarchy doesn't kill them, they still have to beware their own contacts. if they can manage to get by with enough cash to keep their bird in the air, then it might be the inky blackness of space that gets to them
    • GM's name: UnmatchedTagger (me)
    • Type of game: PBP
    • System: Pathfinder
    • Recruiting Office link:
    • Players: Zeros, Keldree, No Body, ShadowtheBard, Elan
    • Mature content: will not contain any sexually explicit material, but may contain violence or psychological trauma not suitable for minors (note, I am not associated with the esrb, shrug)
    • Still recruiting (Y/N): Yes, I don't expect to get any new members though
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