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Thread: Chapter 64.3 Justice for the Moonlit Swords

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    Althir said, "Zavros is not a coward. Foolhardy at times. Should we wait for Axar at the desk sgt's station? We prefer not to have any of our company traveling alone."

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    "Do as you wish, it'll be hours yet before he is released," replied Capo. "Is that all?"

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    Althir bows to Capo, "Yes, thank you for your time."

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    Capo nods, "Very well, let me escort you out." Capo rose from his seat and it was evident he was curious why Cormack hadn't said anything, perhaps he was hiding something. "And you, Cormack? Are you satisfied?"

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    Cormack considered the question.

    Almost as soon as it looks like his mind had wondered, he says, "Satisfied? Enough. I will second that Sir Zavros is no coward. I also am bewildered by how this land is governed, but only because I am still new here, not even a resident for a year. The complexities are many, the pitfalls arcane, and the penalties harsh.

    "A man was attacked, he defended himself, as did his companions, and the response to his plight is to lock him up, demean his character, and debate whether his property is to be returned to him? It is a peculiar and asymmetrical circumstance, as I see it.

    "I would be outraged were it not for your obvious devotion to duty and concern for the wellbeing of the citizenry at large. I may disagree with your conclusion, but I can't fault your motives, not that it would be my place to fault you at all.

    "I do thank you for asking my opinion. I hope my candor is what you truly sought; too often since I took up residence here I have found rank is valued more than reason, wisdom, or ability, and honesty valued less than both. Too often opinions are requested and then ignored or ridiculed.

    "Apologies, too for my lack of brevity."

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    Capo nods, "The fact that both of you are not from Jasrel explains your lack of understanding about place and station," Capo remarked. "Many who come here learn soon enough their place in the weave, the fabric of society, because they have no choice, no power. They either learn their place, or perish. Men such as you, men of power, tend not to learn, and grow--outraged. Their hubris leads to destruction, and then I must deal with them, me and my team." His eyes wandered over to Muldoon's box of personal effects and he said, "If there is any kind of advice I can give you, is to know your place, and respect the ones above you. You may not like it, you make not think it's fair and you certainly may not agree with it, but that is the way."

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    Althir follows Capo as he leads them out of the maze of the Ministry of Law. "Thank your for your observations."

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    As Capo is about to open the secured locked to the door that egressed into the lobby, so they could wait for Axar, he turned and said softly to Althir, "Liu's Pawn and Gift Shop in the Edge might help you out in your matter, but bring a gift." He nodded and let the pair out.

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    Althir nodded his head in thank you.

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    Back in the lobby the pair wait with their new found lead and as Cap had stated, a few hours passed and Axar was released from custody--looking like he hadn't bathed and had lost a few pounds on the meager diet of gruel and more gruel. They head out back to the tower whereupon they find Ivar and Hildegard waiting outside, unsuccessful with their endeavor of seeing the King. Once unlocked and the group inside, they all relaxed--as much as they could, and discussed the days findings and what happened to the very pungent and disheveled member of their group, Axar.
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