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@Zeros: If R'ue doesn't have a second backup crossbow, someone can loan him one?

@JB: The round so far. Shade's spell resistance (reroll) gets through, damage both V and R, the two drow in the corner. The cold portion of the spell deals half-again that amount of damage additional to the cold-vulnerable hellhound.

Vothor does not fall unconscious.

Ranged weapons for a 40 foot wide radius are in severe wind (sleet and snow) and take -4 penalty, coming in or out.
Yes, but that would require some action to retrieve I imagine? Or maybe not, I can't remember how we handle the 'I drop this item he receives this item' in this game... I remember it came up in the Drow tunnel fight (we we dropping the wand off between each other for faster use, but I can't remember if it was taking an action to receive or not...)... So good point. But dropping Vothor means he'd have to move action it off her corpse unconsious body ... But Limited actions and all.

ALSO, I edited that post RIGHT before you looked at the thread so I'll add the edit here as it has a question.

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Oh, actual question before all the rest of this: what should I roll for spell resistance for the Splendant pendant? Its at least a caster level 9 item (due to the natural armor requirements) but the original you presented was at least caster level 10 (since it does 5d8 maximized at 1d8 per 2 levels) BUT it is also maximized meaning that its actually a level 6 spell (base 3 with maximize to bring it to 6) which would require a caster level of 11? Not super used to using magic items to attack with... usually magic items are buffs that don't rely on enemies making saves or whatever XD