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Thread: Chapter Four: Are There Any Bad Seeds?

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    Default The Duel: End Foes' Turn Round One

    Vothor notices more than she lets on, flickers of magical auras that, with time for study, she could identify. One such flicker wafts harmlessly by. Or not so harmless, once that terrible pressure and lightheadedness descend. No time to lift her skirts to check if the aura is still around.

    Vothor had seen through the weak silent image, but the real jape could be anywhere, masked from even her.
    She snaps, "Ontavien, do you smell the rude Overburner?"

    Chazserae's newest personal bodyguard sniffs the air and shrugs. "My eyes tell me there's a man with an axe over your head." He calls upon his goddess to aid him in battle with a quick mental mantra, then flies a step up to match the axe-wielder's height. He stretches out his empty palm and whispers "Pelydr" to send forth a pale and translucent sunbeam. The ray strikes Ulvenn's side and delivers a very mild burn.

    Thinking quickly, Vothor calls “Kalaam, to me! Find the human and breathe your fire!"

    There is a rush of heat as the still invisible hellhound approaches. It growls, scenting manflesh, and breathes out flames worthy of a dragon's breath...on Vothor. And everyone around her. All the way out to Ontavien---except Shade and R'uentor, who are spared completely.

    Even the poor pixie under Vothor’s skirts is caught in the blast, the drow's larger body an insufficient shield, but she is nimble enough to evade the worst of it. The drow themselves had prepared for this eventuality with a fire protection spell, but the priestess is still singed and left with hair and clothes smoking.

    Before the illusion that had hidden the brutish, armored and horned hellhound has finished fading, Flint takes the flame as his cue to stab Vothor with Frostbite.

    [GM NOTE: Will save for Flint, here. Succeeds. @GT, see below]

    After his precise slice hits home, Flint himself appears in mid-air amid the flames, as though springing from the hellfire itself. The fire does not even singe him. Kalaam lacks the wit to know he has been upstaged.

    The priestess points triumphantly and demands, “What are you waiting for, R’ue? Attack! Show him how we excel with a bow!”

    The hexed drow hurries to obey, dropping his prized repeating crossbow and drawing a new one. He flies up a step, wobbling with effort. He takes aim at Flint, sends a bit of purple faerie fire into the first blue-glowng bolt (lamenting it is neither poisoned nor blessed though), and fires.

    The first bolt nicks Flint's shoulder, sending a biting cold into his flesh. Violet faerie fire from the projectile spreads all over him---and also shoots out five feet in every direction. Kalaam, Ulvenn, R'uentor, and Vothor (but not the pixie hid under her layered skirt) are caught in the flash. They are likewise surrounded in violet flames that flicker like candlelight.

    The priestess gestures at their new luminous state. "R'ue, did it not occur to you that your allies might want to go unseen? And you almost missed him entirely!"

    The male drow's next shot is ruined by a sudden sneeze and he fires straight up in the air. He coughs, embarassed. The bolt after that is thrown off by an ill-timed muscle spasm. This is not his finest hour.

    Vothor takes a flying step away from the men. To Ulvenn and Shade she appears to keep standing absolutely still with her arms at her sides. But actually she calls freezing energy into her hand. EDIT: Out of the corner of his eye Ulvenn sees her fingers tap his boot, gently, for no apparent reason. "Rue!" she cries, or so it seems.

    The dwarf soldier jerks to attention again. "I'll aim better next time, mistress!"

    A chilling sensation climbs up Ulvenn's body, along with sudden lightheadedness. Together they make physical coordination difficult.


    End foes' turn, heroes start Round Two.

    Combat mat: Bottom Round One, Top Round Two

    Foes' Turns Recaps


    Vothor: 24 magic/piercing/cold +2 fire = total 26 so far
    R'ue: 0
    Ontavien: 0
    Kalaam: 0

    Flint: 19 cold/piercing/magic/etc
    Ulvenn: 11 fire +20 cold = 31 lethal. [Separate, 20 non-lethal spell damage.]
    Shade: 0
    Peasblosom: 11 fire (with improved evasion, even a failure on a Reflex save is half damage)


    this round:

    Flint, Ulvenn, Vothor, Kalaam, and R'ue all surrounded by faerie fire spell (no Save, will last 4 rounds) ; -20 Stealth and blur/invisibility/other concealment do not grant the target any benefits

    Ulvenn is staggered, will last 2 rounds (take only one Standard OR Move each round, but may also take AOOs, 5-foot steps, Swift or Immediate actions)

    R'ue is under misfortune hex (this is round 1 of 2), roll d20 twice and take worst

    Vothor is staggered until start of next turn (limited to one Move or Standard action)

    Flint has +6 Dodge bonus to AC against Vothor till start of her next turn (since it was on her turn he did her sneak attack damage)

    Ontavien has active judgment (+2 attack rolls, +2 sacred bonus AC) till end of encounter


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    AoO against R'uentor from this round. There may be a reason Ulvenn doesn't get this AoO so ignore it if that's the case. Ulvenn swings at the new crossbow that the Drow is attacking with. Provokes AoO against the spiked shield I presume. ... This theoretically could cancel the attack? Dunno, I'll 100% leave that up to you. Authentic Forum Dice-rollAoO:Sunder:PA - (1d20+21+2+3+1-3) (19) [43] Authentic Forum Dice-rollDamage - (1d8+9+6+2+2) (8) [27]

    Ulvenn's stomach reels with the effect of the spell, his body sluggish as the priestess's cursed magic courses through his body. Matched only by the burning from behind... He would have to give that second drow a rounding... Once he gains his strength back. But he brings Defiance down on the head of the Priestess in retribution, while the blade who shares its name's rune grows angrily in its sheath for it desires blood and that blood is not coming to it. Ulvenn to the side of the priestess, putting distance between himself and the 'dog.'

    ((No rhyme today, its late and my energy level has dropped swiftly))

    Honestly, in the spirit of fairness Ulvenn should probably have the 10 rounds of staggered. I don't like it. I can't cure it... But that's how the dice roll.
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    Flint peers over and sees a familiar glint in Shade's eye, a glint that whenever he saw from luci he tried to stay as far away from his opponents as possible. Following Ulvenn's lead Flint quickly steps after him, Feinting in with rapid speed, flint dives in with Frostbite, carving into the Vothor's thigh with the icey blade. pang quickly follows suit, slashing along her midriff, with frostbite digging deeply up into her arm pit for a final strike, only to see her off balanced by ulvenn's monstrous swing, swiping with pang. "ahh does this mean our dinner is cancelled" Flint teases "I would have let you bring the pooch" Flint mocks "and you don't have to hide behind some magic, my friends will see through your parlor trick just as easy as I did" Flint flashes a look to ulvenn, hoping the viking warrior got the message about Vothors illusion of calm.

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    Shade’s heart freezes in her chest, the pressure narrowing her world down to her tiny familiar who’d just been hit by a huge cone of hellhound flame. It only lasts a second, less than a second. Because right behind the fear, came fury.

    The cackle starts deep in her chest, rolling out on a wave of sound meant to chill the blood in a person’s body. To fill their minds with terrible things, nightmares personal to each one who heard the sound. The cackle rolls out until it touches the hex on the unfortunate crossbow wielding drow, feeding the hex, making it stronger.

    Then Shade turns her attention to the drow who ordered the attack. She doesn’t deserve that calm facial expression. Doesn’t deserve that high and mighty attitude after what she’d done.

    Magic flows up through Shade’s body, building momentum as it does. Across the arena, her fury seems to grow outward from the ground in the form of writhing, rubbery black tentacles, reaching for the combatants.

    A thought flashes through Shade’s mind. An image of the thick, tendrils ripping her enemies apart. Tearing the limbs from the drow who ordered the fire that hurt her familiar, and the hellhound who breathed it. Rules of the duel be damned.

    But she doesn’t. That isn’t who she is. Not yet. Hopefully, not ever.

    Shade draws in a deep breath in the midst of her cackle, calms herself as the tentacles rise to do her bidding, reaching for the drow. Her companions would be fine, thanks to the freedom of movement magic that would allow them to evade the worst of the tentacles restraints.

    Peasblossom narrows her eyes, beyond annoyed that she was singed. She makes a fist, feeling the ring. “What’s that Gruff? Something in our way?” she hisses under her breath.

    The goat ring activates, an ill-tempered goat plowing into the drow’s injured thigh. Peasblossom gives a sharp nod, then flees back to her witch, knowing Shade’s worried and prone to overreact if she’s not immediately reassured of Peasblossom’s safety.

    Black Tentacles:

    Grapple: Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+17) [30]

    Damage: Authentic Forum Dice-roll(D6+4) [7]

    Billy goat gruff ring

    Attack: Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+16) [27]

    Damage: Authentic Forum Dice-roll(3d6) [11]

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    Default The Duel: Round Two (Heroes and Foes together)


    Ulvenn with his newly christened Defiance and Flint with his two enchanted knives (taunting her all the while) carve into Vothor (Pang missing the mark twice, however).

    Peasblossom calls out Gruff to buffet Vothor, and the spectral goat happily complies. The drow nearly falls over but holds her ground with an "OOF!"

    Shade cackles with malicious intent at the beleaguered drow archer, prolonging the doom hanging over his every attempt.

    Then she unleashes her anger at Peasblossom getting burned, in the form of an eruption of rubbery black tentacles from the desert floor! The hellhound manages to heave its heavy body loose. R'ue also dodges. Vothor and Ontavien do not, and are constricted tightly until they gasp.


    Ontavien manages to cast a spell that lets him wriggle free of the tentacles. The male drow flies gradually upward 30 feet and casts another gentled searing spell of intense light (which almost strikes Ulvenn, but is blocked by a tentacle).

    In response to Flint's joke about bringing the "pooch" to a dinner date, Vothor hisses, "If I brought him to dinner, it would be to feast on your corpse."
    Her jibe inadequately covers her pain at the fresh wounds.

    The female drow waits until Kalaam moves up and tries to take a bite out of Flint, who proves to nimble. Then she cautiously casts a spell of her own, whispering a word that transfers her and R'ue and Kalaam to a space at the very end of the dueling field behind Shade, about 30 feet high in the air.

    R'ue aims for the troublesome witch and fires a series of crossbow bolts laced with an icy spell.

    A wasp stings him from behind and his jerk of surprise sends the first shot wide.

    His second bolt...

    [GM TWO POSSIBILITIES, depending on whether as Immediate Action Shade casts her 1st level spell wave shield : A. "...hits Shade in the leg, sending stinging cold through her." OR B. "encounters a water shield Shade suddenly conjures, barely nicking her leg as a result." If she uses wave shield, it's (interpretation, circumstance) -2 attack roll and still hits, and -4 damage for total 17 instead.]

    As he is reloading, the wasp finds its way to the drow's nose, and in tossing his head in a panic he ruins his third shot, sending it far outside the dueling boundary.

    His fourth shot he imbues with a magical darkness spell and sends it into the sand between Shade and her companions. The light around them becomes dim, hampering vision for those of them without darkvision comparable to the drow's own.

    [GM NOTE: If Flint wears his eyes of the dune cat goggles on his head, he can don them as a Swift action. Otherwise Move action draw, Swift don. BUT it makes sense Flint would only need those goggles if he remained in the dim light area during Round 3.]


    Heroes are up, start Round 3

    Combat mat (bottom Round 2, top Round 3)

    **the grayed circle is "dim light" from a darkness spell (and the hollow black circle is the tentacles spell)

    Heroes' Turns Recaps

    Foes' Turns Recaps


    Vothor: 26 (Round One) +81 magic/cold/pierce/slash +11 force +7 constrict =125 total, bloodied
    R'ue: 0
    Ontavien: 7 constrict
    Kalaam: 0

    Flint: 18 cold/piercing/magic/etc
    **Fast healing 1 activates start of every turn (Round 2 and up)

    Ulvenn: 31 lethal (Round One) -1 heal = 30 lethal (121 out of 151 HP left)
    **[Separate, 19 non-lethal left.]
    **Fast healing 1 activates start of every turn (Round 2 and up)

    Shade: 21 (has 91 out of 112/HP left)

    Peasblosom: 11 fire (has 73 out of 84 HP left) (with improved evasion, even a failure on a Reflex save is half damage)


    NEW this round:

    Flint has +6 Dodge bonus to AC against Vothor till start of her next turn (since it was on her turn he did her sneak attack damage)

    Flint, Ulvenn, Shade, & Peasblossom are in darkness (20% miss chance on your melee or ranged attacks UNLESS you have darkvision active)

    Vothor has cover from her hellhound (+4 AC)

    LAST ROUND’S BONUSES/EFFECTS, continuing (staggered Ulvenn, faerie fire him & Flint)

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    Peasblossom crouches on one knee on Shade's shoulder, one fist pressed into her witch in a manner reminiscent of a very heroically-minded squirrel. "I've got you," she whispers. "Drow at seven o'clock."

    Shade breathes easier as Peasblossom's magic pulses over her, offering more protection layered over the dull hum of her shield ring. With her familiar back at her side, Shade's worry fades.

    Her anger doesn't.

    The drow is too far to hold the connection to her hex, so she lets the cackle fade, but replaces it with a broad smile. “Bizbee, it’s a little warm out here, don’t you think?”

    Her reaching hand meets the winter scroll as the grig takes the hint and shoves the rolled paper at her. She flicks the scroll to unroll it, relishing the snap of parchment.

    Reading the scroll aloud in a booming voice, Shade sweeps a hand out toward the drow and the hellhound. A chill runs down the length of her arm as her magic whispers inside her like the first cold breath of winter. A grey cloud gathers, thick and heavy with the promise of ice and snow.

    As the last word of the spell leaves her lips, she lets her grin grow broader. "See how your fiery bitch likes this."

    Ice Storm

    No saving throw
    Overcome spell resistance: Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+10) [11]
    Bludgeoning damage: Authentic Forum Dice-roll(3d6) [10]
    Cold damage: Authentic Forum Dice-roll(2d6) [7]

    Protection from Evil (from Peasblossom)

    1.) +2 deflection bonus to AC and a +2 resistance bonus on saves
    2.) the subject immediately receives another saving throw (if one was allowed to begin with) against any spells or effects that possess or exercise mental control over the creature
    3.) the spell prevents bodily contact by evil summoned creatures.

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    Overcome spell resistance for crossbow drow

    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+10) [26]

    Using hero point to reroll overcome spell resistance on Vothor:

    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+18) [21]

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