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Thread: Interest Check: Zombie one-shot Pathfinder/3.5... Maybe 5e?

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    Default Interest Check: Zombie one-shot Pathfinder/3.5... Maybe 5e?

    I've been playing around with some mechanics for a zombie apocalypse campaign* and was thinking of doing a one-shot to test out some of the ideas.

    This would potentially be a high-lethality game (so its very possible that people would get to run 2-3 characters over the course of the one shot).

    This is interest check is to do 2 things, first to gauge the interest in a high stakes zombie-style game and second to determine whether people would be most interested in 3.5, 1e pathfinder, or 5e D&D.

    I've only ever DM'd for 3.5 before although I've played a decent bit of pathfinder (and they are similar enough that DMing for one is close to DMing for the other). 5e I've played in a small amount, but never DM'd (nor really prepared any material for a campaign).

    So, if you see this please fill out this short survey Or don't and just give your thoughts on it.

    1.) Would you like to play a zombie-apocalypse style game?
    2.) Would you like to play a high-lethality game? (note: I won't be actively trying to murder people, I just won't be pulling punches)
    3.) Rank your preference of game (3.5 vs pathfinder vs 5e) but leave out any game versions you wouldn't be willing to play.

    Note: The one-shot is not built yet, as beyond this forum I don't really have a good medium for sharing it. I'll begin building if I see some degree of interest.

    If this receives good interest and the one shot goes well it could certainly end up as longer than the one-shot.

    *I've loved the zombie genre since before I really was 'old enough' to watch zombie movies. D&D zombies have usually felt like a let down in this regards. Hence this attempt at a more 'zombie-apocalypse' game.

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    1) Yes
    2) Yes, any level of lethality is fine, from 'extremely lethal' all the way down to 'you might get a bruise or two'
    3) Only works for me if it's 5e

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    1) Yes
    2) Yes
    3) 5e or Pathfinder

    Usually online 8 a.m. - midnight CST

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    1) Yes
    2) Yes
    3) any of those is fine

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    1.) Yes
    2.) Not bothered by level of lethality.
    3.) Any but would prefer 3.5 or Pathfinder

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    1) yes
    2) I prefer to be warned about lethality
    3) would prefer 3.5 or pathfinder

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    Looks like there is some interest. Looks like Pathfinder and 5e are the preferred methods (not that I wan't expecting that I'm thinking the days of 3.5 may be over).

    I'm going to look at the two styles of play (5e vs Pathfinder) and see what is going to run the medium better. Probably leaning towards Pathfinder since I've got more confidence in that style... But I'm going to look at 5e to see how the mechanics might fit.

    I will leave this open to see any continued interest or if people have further thoughts on it. I won't be discussing mechanics because I think that's part of the fun of this particular game (learning as you go) but if people have ideas feel free to share.

    @GT: This would be the official warning for lethality. A zombie game with low stakes takes some of the fun out of it ;p
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    assuming you are running pathfinder, what kind of books would we have access to?

    firearms? class restrictions? general character making guidelines? background skills?

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    Although these are specifically for Pathfinder they are similar to how I'd run it if I can figure out a 5e game.

    Its certainly possible I would add more restrictions as I develop the campaign, but as of right now I would be open to any official Paizo material with just about any 3p material as long as it gets run by me first.

    ((My usual rule of thumb as far as being a DM is to allow players to build the character they want to play. As long as its not being abused I'm fairly open)).

    Firearms I'm currently somewhat opposed to, and so they would most likely would be rare if at all... Although depending on how the campaign rolls out I could be convinced if enough players were wanting them. There's a decent chance that they would be fine tuned for this individual game though. Assume for the moment 'Very Rare guns' with an exception that someone could be a gunslinger (I would also put the prices of ammunition down to 10% since otherwise it is insane to even try). I'll say this now that if anyone wants firearms in the game I'd let me know now so I can consider it as I'm working through the design.

    Although any longer running variation of this game might have some class restrictions just depending on how the game shakes out, I doubt there would be restrictions for the 1-shot itself.

    If you were really looking to make a character pre-emptively I'd say to plan on a 25 point but I'm still considering that. Probably a level 6 campaign.

    I love background skills so probably 2 background skills.

    This is not an official recruitment so although you're welcome to make characters you should recognize that if the one-shot does come out it is possible that any/all that was stated in this could change.

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