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Thread: Chapter 62.9 The Golden Arms

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    Seeing that Hildegard is the only one going up in the basket, the guard hands her her gold back and gives the signal to raise the basket. From her vantage point she could see most of the city and note much of the harbor was bereft of ships due to the mass exodus.

    It was about 30 minutes later that Hildegard returned down in the basket, potions in hand. The line up the hill had barely moved.
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    Althir said, "What's next? I suggested earlier that we split into two groups, is that still acceptable?"

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    Axar says, "I would like to start my business, but now isn't the time for that with the most recent events. I will escort whoever needs it. Just tell me where we need to go."

    He hands Hildegard 300 gold from the bank funds to reimburse her for the cost of the potions that she purchased.

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    Zavros says, “Let’s just move onward. I care not.”

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    Althir points to Zavros says, "Well you and I will go with Scymon to Speedy Feet. Hildegard and Cormack will go with Axar. We'll need to find another place to stay before the day is out."

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    Althir asks the guard, "What kinds of miracles are the people in line hoping to receive from Ceara? Is receiving the miracle based on faith? A donation?"

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    "It varies," the guard replied, "as for payment, that's up to the clergy."

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    Hildegard addresses the group.

    "I am open to what to do. If you wish to tag along with me, I want to investigate Runt with aid of miracles and your skills. That may occupy the day. In the evening I wish to return here to visit the infant girl that we fostered. I wish to scry Faluun and another, as we try to understand what the best thing to do next might be."

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    Althir says, "Our last clue for Runt led us out of Jasrel." The warlock didn't want to say much more since the guard was still within hearing distance. "But if you have an idea let's pursue it."

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    Althir continues, he just can't shut up, "What was the outcome of finding the source of the linen cloth with embroidery."

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