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Thread: Chapter 62.9 The Golden Arms

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    Deciding to relocate to the Guilder Ward, the Moonlit Swords wander about, ever wary of an attack, and eventually come upon the Golden Arms Inn. Heading inside they can immediately see that the place is much better furnished than the other inns they're been staying at in the Trade Ward. Paying for three rooms, each couple is shown to their rooms by a bellhop that makes them feel very welcomed.

    In the morning the group rises to find they're all still alive and haven't been attacked and killed in their beds. Each slowly make their way downstairs and sit down for breakfast. Zavros is drawing the most stares because even though he had removed the arrows from his armor and healed up completely, he still had a number of weapons sprouting from his armored body. Looking about, he was the only one so outfitted in the entirety of the inn and if he was trying to remain incognito, he was failing miserably.

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    Althir says, "How will we spend the day? I don't think we have any errands today unless you want me to purchase some more incense. I know that Axar and Ivar have businesses to run. Cormack would probably like to do some scroll work. I'd like to read. Zavros? Hildegard? We could divide up into 2 groups of 3. Probably we need to think in terms of balancing. Axar and Zavros need to be in different groups as the only martial men. Ivar and Axar need to be in different groups because they run the respective businesses. Hildegard and Ivar need to be in different groups so that each team has someone who can do a sending. So Zavros and Ivar are a team; Axar and Hildegard are a team. I can read in either place. Which business has the best place if Cormack wishes to do some writing? Or we can all stick together."
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    "Well since most of the books are at my place... whoever is doing writing or cataloging of them might want to be there. But I fear Zavros might find himself bored silly for the day.... Although perhaps he can spare an hour during the lunch break to teach me something about that gun he gave me... including perhaps how to load it?"

    Ivar tucks into the extremely good breakfast. His bow tucked out of the way so as to be less conspicuous. Although his quiver upon the back of the chair still marks him as armed to some degree.
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    Axar says, "Perhaps Hilde spend part of the day with me on working my business, and I spend part of the day at her temple. Speaking of which, with Lanydyn's Magic Shop closed now, I'm out a lot of coin... and we have no choice but to get our healing potions at the Temple of Ceara. And we need healing potions. By the wagonload. So, how many potions am I buying, assuming I can get as many as I need?"

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    Althir said, "Let's use the Moonlit Swords account to purchase potions. Will they have more powerful potions? Depending on the potency of the potions, I would say 250-500 gold pieces worth."

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    "Yes," Hildegard agrees. "There should be more powerful options. Axar, do you think the Reverend mother will flirt with you?"

    She has her hawk perch on her shoulder.

    "Zavros, may I place a Death Ward upon you before we part for the day?"

    "Ivar, this evening, I have ideas about Runt that I would like to share."
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    Seeing that Hildegard is the only one going up in the basket, the guard hands her her gold back and gives the signal to raise the basket. From her vantage point she could see most of the city and note much of the harbor was bereft of ships due to the mass exodus.

    It was about 30 minutes later that Hildegard returned down in the basket, potions in hand. The line up the hill had barely moved.
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    Althir said, "What's next? I suggested earlier that we split into two groups, is that still acceptable?"

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    Axar says, "I would like to start my business, but now isn't the time for that with the most recent events. I will escort whoever needs it. Just tell me where we need to go."

    He hands Hildegard 300 gold from the bank funds to reimburse her for the cost of the potions that she purchased.

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    Zavros says, “Let’s just move onward. I care not.”

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