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Thread: Chapter 63 A Message Arrives

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    About an half an hour after Althir, Hildegard and Axar had left Speedy Feet, the door opens to the aforementioned--which in of itself was not unusual, but this time it was unusual in that it was a messenger from a rival messenger service, Jasrel Paper and Parcel. The messenger nods and enters, "I have a message for a Mr. Zavros." He looks to see if anyone would accept the sealed letter.

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    Zavros steps forward, “I am he.”

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    "Your letter sir," He hands over the sealed letter to Zavros and bows, "have a great rest of your day." The messenger then turns and leaves Speedy Feet.

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    Zavros looks the envelope over for anything unusual.

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    The letter looks normal. The seal is:


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    “Hey fellas,” says Zavros. “Can you please look this over? It bears the symbol of my assassins.”

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    "Unusual for assassins to send their target correspondence. Bring the letter into the back room - away from prying eyes, if nothing else I can cast dispel magic on it, in case its enchanted if that is what you are worried about."

    He takes a look at the seal trying to remember if he knows of it, or has encountered it before.
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    Thinking about it, Ivar doesn't recognize the seal.

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    “Cormack can you look this over with your trained eyes?” asks Zavros. “Mayhaps a detect magic?”
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    Cormack gets up and puts his book away. Stepping over to the letter, he looks it over one way, then another.

    "One of my few regrets as a practitioner or the arcane is I never mastered the divination spell that grants one the sight. If I can correct that in the future, I will, but for now I must rely upon mundane senses and knowledge."

    He sniffs it, pulls out his dagger and tips it up like he's looking under a rug, and examines it as cautiously as possible.

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