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Thread: Interest Check; Burn the Land, Boil the Sea

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    Friendly reminder to move over to the Recruiting Office once you're ready to run this and recruit its players.

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    well, I am starting from scratch, and I have family coming into town tomorrow, so it will be a bit before I am ready to actually ready to recruit.

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    Have you decided which system and books?
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    pathfinder, and anything besides third party/homebrew should be fine.

    I do claim the right to ask you to rebuild if I think your character is overpowered. Ideally we can preserve the character without misbalancing the party.

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    Which pathfinder? New one or old.
    Yawning Portal: Alex Corval -- Inventory Sheet

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    old one

    using "Guns everywhere" availability for firearms

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    Just curious: did this game ever get up and off the ground?

    Well, I hope so! Sounds like fun. Happy gaming, all!

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